KCNC SC Pro Lite Seatpost

SC Pro Lite

  • Scandium T-7451
  • Diameter: 27.2, 30.9, 31.6 mm
  • Length: 350 mm
  • Bolt: M10 Scandium
  • Patented Design

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The Bonz   Cross Country Rider [Aug 29, 2011]

Light, looks nice and good degree of flex (if you want flex)


I found it too flex-y for my liking. Didn't hold the saddle straight, it sometimes moved when you jumped on the bike cyclo cross style. Creaked horribly.

As I said above I found the seatpost a bit too flexy but don't count this really as a weakness as it's more just personal preference.
But as a seatpost it failed in that it moved if you landed on the back of the saddle when jumping on cyclo cross style and even over largish bumps if you were seated.
Distributors did add some lock tight as a fix which did seem to help but never confident enough to use it again in a race as lost a fair amount of time having to stop and re position the saddle.

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simmonsgsmooth   Cross Country Rider [Mar 29, 2011]

Excellent design, Single bolt design works a treat, Light, Cool looking, Reasonable price.


Not for the fat boys

I originally bought this for my girlfriends giant after i read a good review on bike radar, but it didn't stay on her bike long....
You attach the saddle and the seat has an infinite tilt adjustment on a single bolt.
I recommend this above any other mtb product i have used.

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Ecogeek   Cross Country Rider [Sep 10, 2010]

Black version available! ;) Light. Infinitely adjustable seat angle. Solid finish. Clamps seat solid.
Not carbon.
15mm offset can be good - depending on your top-tube, your torso/arms and what you want to do with the bike.
Almost zero packaging. Good! Too much of that in the world.
Has handled a few sessions in the jump park and drops up to 5', but I haven't messed up badly with this post.


Some nasty colours available. Aimed at kids or those with no taste, this will waste your time when you look for a black one in your size. But don't give in and order pink (even for the Mrs)! Patience man! 15mm offset can be bad - depending on your top-tube, your torso/arms and what you want to do with the bike. Not cheap. Not for hard freeride. May or may not be a scandium alloy. Substandard service from eBay vendor.
Minor nitpick - graphics go far down side so when you drop the post they will get worn. I don't like the graphics anyway. Would rather they were not there. Whole KCNC logo stinks IMO - whilst I'm nitpicking! ;)

Make sure you read on, cos whilst I raise some points...no probs w my seatposts. Tried a KCNC pro lite 8000 on the XC bike w no probs. Had an AM bike (RM Slayer) that needed some offset (either that or an inappropriately long stem for that type of bike). 15mm offset suited. Didn't want more cos it would impact sag too much when climbing and cause excess wheelies...
Wanted it light as reasonably pos though as I have another strong post for parks and such. This was for long rides w lots of climbing. Liked the idea of these posts for weight and not being carbon (hopefully more saftey/longevity).
Got one, then got some more.
I have two KCNC pro lite 8000s (1x 31.9, 1x 27.2 w different head and clamp design zero offset) and two of these KCNC Pro Lite 9000 in 30.9mm.
I cut two down (one of each design). They cut and then filed like BUTTER. Which made me wonder if they are scandium at all. I don't know enough about the physical properties of scandium (despite looking it up and a thread on here - not much info out there), but this softness surprised me greatly. Softest alu alloy I ever cut. Perhaps the low thickness..?..My saw blade wasn't sharp and my files are cheap. They made much harder work of cutting down 2014 bars for instance. Or alloy fork steerers. Even carbon (Easton monkeylite)is harder to cut. Someone should check the chemistry of these posts for all our benefit.

As a result of spending too much time w my post in my fist shoving my fingers in the hole, I noticed that the shaft is relatively rough - on the inside. To clarify, it is smoothly machined, but a little uneven over the length of the *interior* like the lathe or post was vibrating as the work was turned.
Exterior finish is v good. But the interior uneveness makes me wonder if one could get unlucky and get a post with a weak-spot. I expect you could.

However, the posts I own have held up with no problems at all so far. I use a torque wrench to tighten the bolts as per instruction sheet specs mind. If you don't then who knows what you will experience.
NB. There is an issue here. The instructions say 12Nm for the big bolt, but the post has 20Nm printed on the clamp. Shabby. I use 12Nm with no probs. 20 is a lot for an alloy bolt that whilst oversized, is still not actually v big.
Also one of these 9000s needed the big bolt threads on the post retapping as they were not perfect when received. Minor job - if you have a tap... I did.
The exterior machining of the post means it clamps solid and does not move - with relatively little force.
This model is recommended for riders under 85kg (my unloaded weight) riding up to aggressive XC.
FYI I have run this post in the AM bike with no probs. Even taking the odd drop w the seat up a pretty long way. No bad crashes though. I usually use a cut-down FSA FR-200 post for harder riding. But sometimes I find myself passing some park with the KCNC and cannot resist. Drop it as much as I can (in the interrupted seattube Slayer), but it's still a few inches out. No probs, but like I said, I have not crashed it or bottomed the shock hard and ass-slammed the seat. Would not want to try that on a set-back post of this weight.
Post is expensive, but not for a post this light that isn't carbon.
4 overall as I am not sure it's scandium and it could be stronger, better finished and better looking. At this weight there will always be compromise. I would say that it's decent value too for it's weight - if you're not a fatty - er sorry 'clyde'. (Why is the term Clydesdale abused 99% of the time by in the closet fatties?! Look at a Clydesdale horse. Notoriously TALL, wide and ALL MUSCLE. No FAT.) Aaah.
I got no prob w fat, just w BS. Fat does not = Clyde. Just like any old alu doesn't = scandium.
As a final note - I would not attempt to use any saddle w carbon rails.
If I were sure this was scandium and wasn't worried about weak-spots or less than delighted w the graphics (plain stealth black w small improved logo will do), this would be a 5* post when offset and lightness are both needed for non-fat riders. Fatties, save your cash, maybe your femoral artery and find something stronger. The good news for those with extra pounds is that whilst this post ain't for you, there are better and cheaper ways to save a lot more weight. Get out and ride what you've got! ;)

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