Swobo Folsom Singlespeed

The one-speed, coaster-brake, knock-around Folsom begs to be ridden with one hand on the bars and the other around a box of cans. With no brake levers to grab, you will always have one hand free for waving, not drowning. Remember the thrill of laying down a huge skidding fish-tail? This bike will make you laugh.

We wanted a kicked-back urban bash-mobile that can be dropped, stepped on, bike-piled and launched. All our bikes can be ridden in jeans, but the Folsom can be ridden in a snowmobile suit.

The frame is oversize round and box section aluminum. Light and tough. Our beefy rear-entry dropouts have an integrated hub adjuster/chain-tensioning screw; a nice detail if you ever want to retro fit a single-speed non-coaster brake hub into the frame.

With some BMX dust thrown into the look, feel and ride, it begs to be beaten into submission. Both front and rear hubs are bolt-on. Tires, handlebars, stem and pedals are BMX bomb-proof. Like all the Swobo bikes, it sports our exclusive fork, saddle, grips, seat collars and handlebar end caps. Our custom 4" rise handlebars are designed to work with a wide range of human hand, arm positions, and lengths for stand-up, push or sit-down riding styles.

Primer Grey finish is coated with a super-hard matte clear coat. Two sizes, no fooling around.

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Skidmark   Cross Country Rider [Nov 23, 2012]

Light frame, disk tabs and fender/rack holes galore, too simple to be unreliable, sexy, nobody knows what to make of it, great ratio for town. Bar spins! Hipsters think it's a fixie at first glance.


Will the frame last? Scratches easily. Bottle opener under the seat rattles (lol ok that's a strength). Flexy and heavy truvativ splined cranks.. Hipsters think it's a fixie at first glance.

I'd never buy it for the new price but keep your Craigslist eyes peeled. Peeled like bananas. The Folsom is becoming my dream townie.. Ditched the super wide risers cause I was paranoid about clipping something.. Gonna swap the cranks for something lighter and stiffer eventually, but feel guilty throwing too much money at it. That being said, the upgrade potential is immense. Weighs like 26lbs stock. Heavy rear hub, tires, cranks, seat/seatpost, bars.... So much weight to lose and speed to gain! However, I decided to keep the rear wheel in favor of cruiser brake simplicity/reliability. This makes a great SS MTB but I'm still wary of the frame. Probably nothing to worry.

Similar Products Used: A KHS Montana w/ bendix brake
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