Trek 2001 Mt. Track 240 Juvenile Bike

2001 Mt. Track 240

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Daniel   Weekend Warrior [Jan 27, 2007]

It's been so long since I thought about my old bike from middle school. I was in middle school when I used this bike. The memories from this bike are priceless, and I regret ruining such a great bike.

Anyways, it's perfect for a kid in middle school. The tires grip dam well, on pavement or moderately rough terrain.

The suspension is very soft, resulting in a comfortable ride. Hell, it even absorbed 1 cm bumps found on sidewalks.

The thing is, this hardtail bike is extremely satisfying if you're a kid that loves off-roading. Brakes are VERY STRONG for a kid. I used only the front brake and ended up perfectly upside down.

The closely geared 21 speeds are very useful for accelerating fast or just riding off-road. The cables are easy to acces. The shifters even comes w/ a soft/hard adjuster if you want the shifter to be stiff or soft. Plus, if you actually know how to shift, you can smoke all the other kids on the race home, since 99% of them don't even know how to use the shifters.

The thing is, this hardtail bike is extremely satisfying if you're a kid that loves off-roading.


There's only a couple of weaknesses. The shifters are GRIPSHIFT, which I hate. If you fall, your hands will move the shifter, if you grip the handlebars while you fall. Mis-shifting is easy.

Also, the tires are thin, which makes punctures common. Purchase puncture-resistant inner tubes to solve the problem.

Due to neglectance (I didn't know ANYTHING about maintainence, nor did I know maintainence existed), the bike slowly fell apart. I strongly regret throwing away the bike. I feel liek crying... (Go ahead and laugh)

Perfect for the kid that wants to tackle rough terrain while being a perfect commuting bike on pavement. This is another bike that showed me that those "Wal-Mart-ish" bikes are total crap. Don't hesitate to buy this bike.

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