Da Bomb Bike Cherry Bomb Freeride Full Suspension

Cherry Bomb has been retuned to slope style. She will go down, up and over anything you think you are man enough to attempt. Stacked with Double-Butted 7005 Alloy Trumpet tubing. Her rear rolls with proven four-bar linkage. We also hooked her up with BADR (Big Ass Drop Reinforcement) just in case you go to far. This frame has a rock solid BB. It is a single CNC component that also incorporates the rear shock mount and the rear swing pivot. If you want to raise havoc on the slope park, Cherry is your girl!

  • Travel 4” Inches Slope-Type 4-bar Linkage Design
  • Double-Butted 7005 Trumpet Tubing Frame
  • Rear Shock : L-190 x TR50 x M8 (FW22.2+RW52.0)
  • Size : S-15”, M-17”
  • Seat Post Size : 30.0(mm)
  • Color : Hooker Lipstick Red/ Super Nova White/ Pitch Black/ Cool Grey
  • Custom color : Matt Camouflage

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    I-S   Cross Country Rider [Mar 10, 2010]

    Suspension performance
    Rarity Value


    Head tube length

    2009 DaBomb Cherry Bomb 17"

    This is a very hard bike to categorise. It's a 4" travel full suss - that would put it in cross country. But it weighs 3.5kg (7.7 lbs) and has a 68 degree head angle - suggesting all mountain. The seat stays say "Slope Style", suggesting 4X and slalom.

    Ultimately I think this is just a very versatile frame. My build is as a trail bike, intended for several hour long rides in the UK (yorkshire and wales primarily), and I am finding it excellent for this.

    The suspension design is a proper 4 bar (ie horst link) design. My first full suspension bike was a Marin single pivot and although light and racy I found myself increasingly bothered by brake jack. This is my second horst-link bike and I remain convinced of the benefits of suspension action under braking. As I mentioned, this is a 100mm travel frame, but it is fitted with a 190mm eye-to-eye shock with 50mm stroke - the leverage ratio is extremely low at 2:1 (ie the rear wheel moves 2mm for every 1mm of shock stroke). This is most noticeable in the behaviour of the platform shock (the stock Manitou Radium R) - because of the low leverage ratio the platform is extremely effective and I have not once missed having a lockout (despite several mile climbs up hundreds of feet) - I certainly don't miss forgetting to disable the lockout. The suspension is active, smooth and unintrusive in operation over the bumps.

    In pictures of this bike you might notice the almost absurdly massive chain stay yoke and huge stays. These certainly seem to impart a lot of stiffness to the rear end, which tracks as precisely as my hardtail (and better than my previous FS frames).

    The geometry is good, with a comfortable riding position and vice-free handling. When I was looking at buying this bike, I looked in great detail at geometry to understand the handling quirks of my previous frame. The 68 degree head angle may seem toward the slack end, but with a 5in fork it seems to suit me well - it isn't too slack.

    Downsides? Well, it is heavy. Heavier than it needs to be for the sort of riding that I do, but for its intended purpose I guess it's bang on - this is more to do with my use of the frame than the frame itself. The paint finish is poor - it's very soft indeed and after only 2 rides the rear derailleur cable had rubbed through it to the metal. It also deforms on the outside of the caliper mount (the inside is faced and free from paint) where the caliper bolt heads sit, which can cause brake alignment issues (I had this before with a very soft metal mount on the marin frame - this is not that bad, just scrape the paint off the outside). Finally, the head tube is long and takes a conventional headset - I had left my forks reasonably long, but could do with an extra 10mm on my steerer now. A semi-integrated headset would have been better.

    Price... I paid £500 for mine, but they are typically £700. At £500 I'm very pleased with it. The paint finish really isn't up to what you should expect from a £700 frame, but the detailing and frame itself are up to scratch. Not sure I can say it's a stonking bargain at either price, so 4/5 for value.

    To summarise, a bomb-proof, nice riding frame which is much more versatile than the niche it is primarily targeted at. The foibles are minor, and its rare enough that you're unlikely to bump into another out on the trails.

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