Specialized S-Works Turbo Levo FSR 6Fattie/29 Electric Bike

Specialized S-Works Turbo Levo FSR 6Fattie/29 Electric Bike 


The S-Works Turbo Levo FSR frame an EBike made of carbon fiber, making it stiff and responsive. The design includes a battery that is fully integrated in the down tube and the motor is secured by a forged brace mount. The custom Specialized 1.3 Rx Trail-tuned motor is built for the Levo and features a 15% power increase and a significant efficiency increase compared to the Specialized 1.2 motor. The Specialized M1-504 battery features an integrated Trail Display and ANT+/Bluetooth® module with Mission Control App connectivity. It also houses 504Wh batteru


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[Sep 07, 2018]


Pros: Motor is smooth and power is subtle. Carbon hoops are very stiff.


Cons: Poor build quality, loud motor, clicking drive train, squealing brakes, expensive (especially considering the issues), not that much of an improvement over older Levos or lesser spec'd Levos. _______________ I own 2016 Levo Turbo Expert. Having ridden the bike for 2 years I love it. I thought the the 2018 S-Works Levo would be even better with the newest version of the motor and other improvements. It's a complete disappointment. I should have saved my money and just ridden my 2016 into the ground._______________ First of all, Specialized has some serious quality control issues. I thought the S-Works meant I was buying the top of the line, cream of the crop model. If this is the best Specialized has to offer I will look to a different manufacturer for my next bike._____________ This bike creaks and squeaks. The drive train makes clicking noises similar to when you put a new chain on a worn out cassette and sprocket. The brakes squeal at times and are silent other times (fork? frame flexing?). ___________ The most concerning thing is that the motor is very loud. Much louder than my old 2016 and louder than other newer Levo's I've come across. Where my 2016 Levo motor is practically silent even when mashing up a hill the 2018 S-Works Levo motor emits a loud whine._____________ Suspension is "meh." Supposedly the Ohlins fork is a really great fork and the RockShox Monarch is a pretty standard shock. I'm not really impressed. Again, would have expected better on an S-Works.___________ The paintwork, fasteners, and attention to detail are not what I would expect on a $10K bike. ___________ I still have my 2016 and will ride it when the S-Works is at the shop (which it has been several times - drive train still skipping/clicking and motor still loud). Yes, the 2018 S-Works Levo Turbo motor is slightly more powerful and smoother, the carbon wheels are noticeably stiffer, and, being a newer bike, components are snappier._____________ However, all things considered, this bike is not a great improvement over my heavily-ridden 2016 Levo Turbo. I'd rather have my $10K back.____________ One last thing: On a regular bike having top of the line components, carbon, and other enhancements can really make a difference. On an E-Bike I don't think it matters nearly as much. With the motor assist one is less likely to notice a difference between items like derailleurs, carbon/alum bars, brakes, etc._____________ If I coul

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