Haro 2001 Extreme EX2 Full Suspension Bike

2001 Extreme EX2

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Ken Langill   Downhiller [Mar 15, 2003]



Frame breaks, junk brakes, bad frame flex, very uncomfortable seat, poor warranty rep.

This bike is junk. I will never make the mistake of buying a Haro again. Nether will anyone else that I know. To start with, the factory brakes rubbed worse than anything I have ever seen. I even released the cable and backed the other pad out all the way, just to see if it would get rid of the screeching, and they still rubbed! I replaced the brakes with some Shimano's, which are really good brakes, but the bike has so much flex that I still get a little rub during hard corners(yes the rotors are staight and they are bled and spaced right). The bike felt stiff when I first got it but didn't last long. All the pivots are in good shape and are torqued right. Next, the frame broke at the pivot point. The bike had only been on two light trail rides and been used as a daily commuter to work. The bike snapped in half crossing a busy intersecton, truly a fun experience! The rep. took a very long time to get the new frame to me. (I do use this thing to get to work!) Then they sent me the wrong color. My bike was blue and white. I ordered this color when I bought it because that's what I wanted. Now my bike was red with black and a blue back end. Plus all the parts I bought were blue to match. It looked like $#it! He wouldn't send me the rear end so I could at least match the bike. He told me to either spray paint it or to have it painted by a paint shop. Spray painting would look like junk, besides why should I have to spend time sanding and painting or spend my money paying someone else to do it when it's their fault(the frame broke at the weld and was never jumped). I finally get them to send me the rear end after an hour on the phone but when I got it, it was twice the price I was told(not including shipping)! I told them to take it back I had been screwed enough. I would just deal with my rainbow bike. Besides by the time it showed up, 3 and a half months later, my new frame had already started developing problems so I wasn't about to put anymore money in it.(for the record I only weigh about 165) Unfortunatly anyone who's going to by this bike probably already have. Even if the new ones are better(I haven't ridden one) I doubt the service has improved. I wish there was a lower rating than one chily.

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