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Shop Tire Tool TL-10

The heavy duty TL-10 Shop Tire Tool quickly and easily removes any bicycle tire (20” and larger) from the rim and then mounts the tire with the same ease.

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Aaron Heilbrun   Weekend Warrior [Jul 15, 2002]

Won't slip out of your hands
No likely to injure you
Works fairly well


It ain't gonna fit in your pocket!
Far more expensive than tire levers

This works fairly well and I really like the fact that it goes off the axle. The Crank Bros speed lever has a similar arrangement, but I found it too light, flexy and prone to come off the axle.

Like I said, it does a good job - it is key that you set the slide lever up well. Get it worked under the tire bead as much as possible. Otherwise, when you pull, it will just slide out.

The TL-10 is not good at unseating the tire bead. I find that it's best to unseat the bead with a traditional lever and then set-up the TL-10. This combination is actually fairly ideal since the conventional levers are good at unseating the bead but very poor at pulling the tire off while the TL-10 is just the opposite.

The performance is better with conventional (tubed) tires than tubeless. This is due to the bead. Nonetheless, a little soapy water and the TL-10 can make your life a whole lot easier with those !@#$ing tubeless tires.

I have used this tool on 26" and 20" rims. It works well on both and adjusts easily.

Overall, I'm glad I have it and would recommend it to anyone. It's not perfect, but it works well.

Similar Products Used: A wide range of traditional tire levers
The new Park PTS-1 (hated it)
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