CytoSport Exercise Drink Nutrition

CytoSport Exercise Drink Nutrition 


Cytomax is the world's most scientifically advanced complex carbohydrate, electrolyte performance energy drink. Ensures proper hydration, steady energy and reduced fatigue during exercise.

Product benefits:

  • Beats The Burn™: Cytomax's patented alpha L-Polylactate™ buffers lactic acid production in your muscles, reducing the "burn" during intense training and minimizing post-exercise muscle soreness.
  • Steady Energy: Complex carbs stabilize blood sugar during exercise - no sugar crash
  • Cell Protection: antioxidants prevent exercise-induced free radical damage to muscle cells
  • Oxygen Delivery: succinates enhance oxygen delivery by up to 11% during exercise, reducing perceived exertion and minimizing muscle damage
  • Cellular Balance: Electrolytes ensure cellular nutrient balance is restored quickly after exercise
  • Low Osmoality: ensures fluid reaches your muscles quickly - as fast as water!
  • Natural Herbal "Lift": (in Tangy Orange, Go Grape and Peachy Keen flavors only) reduces your perceived effort so you can push harder.


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    [Mar 07, 2010]
    Cross Country Rider


    I purchased the big container. There are packets available, at REI, and at health food stores.
    This product, taken as directed, prevents lactic acid buildup.
    An additional bonus, it seems to help oxygen uptake for exertion at higher altitudes or for special exertion in getting over one ridge or a few.


    I say, do not use this product for hydration. Drink water, or 1:5 juice for hydration, maybe with a straight shot of natural fruit juice now and then.
    This product is very specific, and taken as directed, it is like a miracle product.

    I am 62 years old, a mountain climber and cyclist 40+ years. I went over high mountain ridges in Glacier National Park, Montana because the ranger asked me to check on two european young people (who were well prepared) because a big storm was coming in. I did. I left just after noon and I got back out before the grill closed in town at 5 PM. Three high mountain ridges and thousands of feet up and down. No big deal. I took the Champion CytoMAX as directed, hydrating as I reported here, and I was fine, felt "refreshed" and I had no leg cramps during or after hard charging up and down and over three mountain ridges.
    If I think I have a physical "challenge" on the bike, I take Champion CytoMAX Exercise Drink as directed and hydrate as I said and I am fine.
    I have really surprised many strong young men, I am 62. In addition, I am a girl. Being active, and knowing what to do for anticipated extra strenuous exertion where I could reasonably expect to have muscle cramps makes the difference. Champion CytoMAX Exercise Drink is a big advantage, used properly. Don't guzzle it. This stuff is not Gatorade. It is better.

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