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Wheelsmith Spoke Prep 2pack: The ultimate spoke thread compound is SpokePrep?, because it is both a lubricant and a thread lock! How can it do both? When spoke tension is low and there is risk of loosening, SpokePrep "locks" the nipple by maintaining a minimum nipple torque. When spoke tension is high SpokePrep keeps nipple torque low with Teflon? lubrication.

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Jim Ash   Weekend Warrior [Jan 20, 2003]

Spoke Prep does what it claims, it puts down a compound on the threads of the spoke that helps prevent wind-up when building and during any subsequent truing. All this without an oily, dirt attracting environment. Unlike oils, greases, etc. Spoke Prep does not encourage nipples to loosen up. They really help in building and add to the durability of the wheel as well.


Tedious to apply, unless you want too much or a mess. By the way, too much is not good -- it makes for a difficult time getting the spoke tension exactly right.

I highly recommend Wheelsmith's Spoke Prep for anyone serious about building wheels. When you build a wheel with Spoke Prep it works well then and helps keep the spokes and nipples from "freezing" from use and exposure to moisture and contaminants. What good is a wheel that can't be trued and if it's got spokes, you have to be able to turn the spoke nipples! I've been using it since they introduced it, a long time ago. I've been building wheels for over 20 years and still enjoy every wheel I build. A true labor of love. Just take your time when applying it to the spokes, take time building the wheels of your dreams and get out there and use them!

Similar Products Used: Nothing else like that I've come across.
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