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The Re:cyclists Race Day Bike Chain Lube is a light lightweight & versatile bike lubricant. It is built for speed either on the road or off it. Proven race-worthy by pro cyclists – including Rand Miller, winner of the 2011 Pro CA State Criterium Championships. Use race day for an ultra-responsive chain. This lubricant is super light wet lube and can be a great eco-friendly alternative to synthetic or dry lubes! Made of flax and algae base—GMO free!


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[Jul 01, 2013]




Everything. Turned drive train into a greasy mess. Attracts dirt. Would be better off lubing up with Elmer's Glue and play sand.

I was talked into buying this liquid dirt attractant by a LBS. I was skeptical as it is a wet lube but the guy said it would outperform dry lubes on the trail, so I figured it was worth a try. WRONG.

I cleaned my chain thoroughly before applying the Re:Cyclist chain lube and then wiped the excess. I can not stress this part enough, I wiped the excess until I could see no more lube anywhere on the surface. Spin the drive train and then wipe again, repeat until no excess could be found.

About a mile down the trail I started my shifting on the RD started getting bad and noticed my chain was CAKED with dirt. Not only was it caked with dirt, but the chain looked like it had been coated with black grease. After ONLY ONE MILE. I wiped the chain down again with a shop rag I keep in my kit and made it another mile or so before it caked up again. I have never seen anything like it.

I have ridden these same trails numerous times using dry lube and never had an issue. Looks like its back to the dry lube and time for a new LBS. I don't know what kind of deal this company has with the manufacturer, but it must be good for them to be peddling this crap-in-a-bottle to their customers.

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