Renewable Lubricants Bio-Pro Bar & Chain Oils Lube

Renewable Lubricants Bio-Pro Bar & Chain Oils Lube 


  • USDA BioPreferred Program
  • Viscosity 488 SUS 100 F
  • Temp Range -21 to 250 F
  • Vegetable-Based
  • For Chain Saw Bars/Chains, Sprockets


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[Apr 26, 2010]
Weekend Warrior


Vegetable based, Ultimate biodegradability, Provides excellent lubrication in all conditions, Stays very clean for a wet lube, Very cheap per oz, Zero chain suck in nasty conditions, Cleans easily with biodegradable cleaner


Leaves some residue on derailleur pulleys but cleans very easy.

I am a wet lube user, I do not believe (from personal experience and as a long time mechanic) that dry lubes work very well. Since chain lube is in direct contact with the environment, I prefer that it be 100% biodegradable.

Renewable Lubricants Bar and Chain Oil is a little harder to find (I got a quart at for $15.43 shipped). It is designed to cling to chainsaw chains so it will have no problem on a bicycle chain. I got the 15w-50 formula which is about as thick as Phil's Tenacious. In the worst conditions it could be used strait up but I've found mixed 1:1 with Canola (Rapeseed) oil works best. For under $20 I have 64oz of chain lube, so much that I have been sharing it with friends. Used sparingly, one drop per link and let soak in, then wipe works in even the worst weather and doesn't wash off. It also works in desert conditions (tested at a 24 hour race in New Mexico). When it comes time to clean it, some biodegradable cleaner like Simple Green works great and it's easy to dispose of.

Vegetable based, stays as clean as any wet lube, biodegradable (Ultimate rating...not just >51% minimum that the USDA requires to be called biodegradable). It works as good as any chain lube I've used in 18+ years of mountain biking.

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