Nightlightning Digital Blaast! DCM Lights

Digital Blaast! DCM

Light has the control module intergrated to the light head (135gms). Suits both bar & helmet mounting. Dont let the price fool you, the iBlaast! has full function dimming, admin mode, flasher modes, fuel gauge & battery protect, and you can set the low, medium, & high (700ma or 1000ma) output levels with this model for personalised operation . First choice for MTB, road cyclists & commuters. Outfitted with P4 LEDs. The Kiwi is the switch. Made in New Zealand.

Supplied in Digital Control Module format. Choose this for all applications, bar or helmet mounted. Fully featured and high performance. DCM straps to your hydration/back pack straps. Standard team issue.

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Dale Baxmann   Cross Country Rider [Mar 28, 2008]

First off, I am a roadie/commuter so my impressions are based on pavement experiences only. I did some homework on LED lighting and this one seemed to make the most sense. Strengths: value/price, upgradeable, support, user defined settings, flexibility on what you buy, DIY versions, quality, performance. I opted for the DIY version which basically, if you have some mechanical skills and the ability to solder, you are fine. It will save you a little $. I got this delivered to my door in the Seattle area 4 days after ordering. I have a lithium ion battery that will allow me a 6 hour run time on HIGH. The beam pattern is very nice. It not only lights up your path, but has lots of punch and sets off anything reflective a long ways out. Is is very nice for riding on the street. I do lots of night riding and commuting in the dark and wet. This light is superior to any of the HID's my ride buddies have and I have no regrets about buying this at all. It performs at levels beyond the cost.


I only have 2 complaints really and one is minor.
1) This is a helmet mount design that they have sort of made an adapter for bar mounts. The bar mount they sent I used once. I got a Night Rider universal mount and made my own bar mounts system that works much better. The "foot" of the mount system needs to be a little stiffer to stop the light from bouncing or vibrating. A small piece of aluminum sheet cut and trimmed to supplement the "foot" solved that nicely and with the uni mount, moving this from one bike to another is a piece of cake. The aluminum stiffener also allowed me to use a bolt and nut to attach this to the mount instead of the heavy duty velcro that comes standard.
2) MINOR ISSUE-the little Kiwi on the back of the light is the push button, membrane switch that you use for on/off and light level/flash mode navigation. SOMETIMES it is tricky to find with one hand when you have on full fingered gloves. There are a couple raised bumps on the exterior that you get used to finding with your finger.

I would not hesitate to buy another iBlaast. I have several friends who are going to be upgrading over the summer so they are ready for the dark winter of next year. I don't think you can find a better value for the money and you get a very well built, high performance light for half of what you would spend for something else. I love being able to have plenty of light, even on dark and wet nights. If you have ridden on wet pavement, you will know there is no such thing as too much light. I'm sure some dark trails are the same way. You could easily spend twice the money and not get the same performance or quality. Upgradeable to better performing LED's, ability to program in light levels and battery chemistry/voltage monitors so you won't harm your battery pack, ability to use your existing battery if you choose, good email response from Eric. Total flexibility in selection and choice. You aren't stuck buying something the manufacturer dictates. Burger King mentality-"have it your way". I love that.

I have been out riding at night and come up on other riders from behind and laugh to myself as I hear them calling out "car back" when they see the light coming up on them. I just grin and say "hi" as I pass :) They usually fall in behind and ask me about my light as they enjoy the new world of night riding the Kiwi blaster offers.

The only reason I won't give this a 5 overall rating is because of the mods I had to make on the bar mount. Others may have different opinions when used mounted to a helmet. I did email Eric at Adventure Lighting and let him know about the bar mount issue but as I said, it wasn't that big of a deal and easily overcome.

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