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Stella 120

Light & Motion Stella 120N 2010: The re-engineered Stella 120N is our most affordable fully-featured commuter light. It comes standard with a tool-less helmet mount, and features High, Low and Flash settings. Its low-profile mount and clean design with

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lonefrontranger   Racer [Dec 02, 2009]

form factor, colour temperature, beam pattern, light weight, decent value


battery rapidly loses charge if not frequently topped

I own 7 bikes and no car, and live at 40° N latitude at 5500' altitude. It snows a lot here in winter, and it's dark at 4.30PM. Therefore I need a bombproof, durable, dependable lighting system for 3-season commuting in harsh conditions. I've been bike commuting since the late '80s with all kinds of analog/halogen/HID/LED systems and I can say cycle lights have come a LONG way since 1987.

This particular system is an excellent model for an affordable, year-round flexible, packable lightweight commuter system. I've even used it in a pinch for night MTB/trail rides up on Springbrook in South Boulder. It's not any worse than the old 15w Vistalites I used to run for 24 hour races back in 1994, anyway.

The one drawback to this system is that you have to remember to charge it up for at least a few hours just prior to use. If you don't it will suddenly cut out on you mid ride. Once that's understood, it is a great system. I'll take it any day over the multitudes of Nightrider systems I've had, none of which has lasted for more than 4 months, and all of which had crappy non-interchangeable mounts. I've spent thousands of dollars on lighting systems over the years, and the Stella 120 is the only one that's never left me in the dark (as long as I remember to carry the charging cable and juice it up, which isn't really a problem since it's compact and lightweight as well).

The form factor on this system is great, easily helmet-mounted even if you don't have the "official" mount. The universal mount works well on any handlebar, and the battery mounts easily as well, even in highly cramped configurations (narrow drop bars & a short stem with top-mounts and Campag cables like my 'cross bike comes to mind).

Since I have 7 bikes and no "dedicated" commuter, I can't be fumbling with fiddly light mounts in the three minutes I allocate to get out the door in the AM after I decide which bike I want to ride that day. And since I don't own a car, being stranded at work at the end of the day without a reliable light is just not an option.

Bottom line: for me, lighting systems MUST work, MUST be flexible/interchangeable and weatherproof, and cannot have finicky, unreliable battery systems. YOU HEAR THAT NITERIDER??? These things are not toys for me, and it's not a random inconvenience when they don't work: they are tools that my safety depends upon.

Light and Motion, you've got my $$.

Similar Products Used: Dinotte, Cateye, too many Nightriders to mention, old Vistalites in early-mid 90s
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