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When someone asks us how much light they need for night riding, we usually respond with, "get as much light as you can afford." The reality is that light technology has come so far that even the most powerful lights we raced with ten years ago were crude, heavy, and weak when compared to the new generation of electronic LED lights like this Exposure Toro Mk.3 Light. It uses three Cree XPG R5 emitters to deliver 975 lumens, enough light for serious off-road use. But it's light enough to consider it for commutes on your road bike, and it since it's a self-contained unit with no external batteries or wires, there's nothing to fuss with or mar the finish on your bike.The Toro Light mounts on your handlebars with a small, but sturdy CNC machined aluminum clamp assembly. You'll get a shim set that allows its use on bar diameters from 25.4 to 31.8mm. The clamp features a spring loaded button that "catches" the light and holds it securely for trail use or over broken pavement, but when you need to remove the light for charging inside the house, you simply tug on the red button and the lamp unit slides right out. Within the CNC machined aluminum housing, O-rings seal each interlocking section to make it totally weatherproof. This affords the protection necessary to keep the rechargeable Lithium Ion batteries and all of the electronics that control the LED lamp unit safe from moisture, muck, and grit. We'd expect no less from a U.K. manufacturer. Exposure Lights are made in the U.K. by the same folks that create USE components. The Toro Light has what Exposure calls their Smart Port Technology Plus. Essentially, it's a cylindrical plug on the back of the lamp unit that allows you to insert the smart charger. But it also enables you to plug in accessories like additional white LED lamps to bolster the output or a red LED taillight to make you more visible from behind.




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