BR Lights Jeni - H Lights

Jeni - H

  • High: 410 lumens,
  • Low: 164 lumens
  • High: 1.9 hrs + 5 hrs
  • Low: 4.5 hrs + 13.5 hrs
  • Stealth Mode: 200+ hrs
  • Battery: Li-Polymer, 11.1 V @ 1400mAH

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    KH1   Cross Country Rider [Jun 29, 2009]

    Excellent Adjustability
    Fully contained light and battery
    Excellent battery life
    Brilliant spot
    Usable spread
    Strong housing


    Heavy - need extra padding in helmet
    Fairly large footprint
    Spread could be better

    This light is just brilliant. It has it's weaknesses but it overcomes those by being so good at what it was designed to do - provide high powered helmet lighting.

    I received the light from BR Lights after some back and forwards of emails from BR to determine the size and life of my auxilliary battery. The light is well packaged in a plastic box with light and charger and auxilliary battery all fitting neatly inside.

    Strapping the light to my helmet proved incredibly easy and the adjustment range on the light makes it easy to get your projected beam exactly right. The first thing you notice with the helmet on is that the light is heavy. It's not unbearably heavy but you definately feel the weight. After a couple of hours in the saddle I was ready to take the helmet off as it was causing me some pain. This was more due to the helmet design and lack of padding inside the helmet. I have since increased the padding inside my helmet and now have no issues with pain from the light or helmet. I suspect if you buy the Jeni you will need to ensure you get your padding sorted out as a priority.

    The type of terrain I use the Jeni on consists of street (to the local bike loop) and a mixture of open terrain and tight narrow low canopy single track. The Jeni excels in any area but particularly in the tight stuff. I can't tell you how easy it is to be able to pick lines when you can look 'around' corners ahead. I know there are higher powered lights - including BR's own C2K - but the additional flexibility you get from a helmet light cannot be under estimated in the tight stuff. The light consists of 2 LED's one for spot and one for spread. The spot is fantastic and gives you at least 30-50m of vision. You easily pick out your next line and any obstacles with plenty of time to adjust your speed and position to suit. The spread gives you some additional light around the edges of the trail and directly in front of the bike - if anything this was not as bright as I would like and I'm also considering going with a bar mount light to accomodate this area as well. Don't get me wrong - it's not bad it could be a little brighter though - I am very picky here but it's better to be honest than make out that my choice in lights was perfect in every way.

    Battery life is outstanding and whilst BR Lights claim 1.9 Hrs runtime on High Beam I was able to get 2.5 Hours and still had - according to the flashing battery life indicator - somewhere between 0 and 17% left. According to BR Lights the light starts to pulse at 15 mins of life left and this did not happen so I'm not sure whether I would have managed 3 Hours out of mine. Either way I was more than impressed by the battery life. I also purchased the auxilliary battery which was an extra US$100. This gives me an extra 3.3Hrs. I went with the lighter battery pack but for the same money you can also have the 5.5 Hour pack but it weighs about an extra 200grams. Worst case scenario I have over 5 Hours of runtime on High beam - which for me is more than enough.

    So summing up.... If you are in the market for a helmet light and your budget is tight you really can't go past the Jeni H. Whilst it is a little heavy at 300 grams this is easily fixed with a couple of extra pads in your helmet. The light is almost indestructable under normal trail riding conditions and BR offer an upgrade path should new technology come available. I'd be first in line for an upgrade if they made 1000 Lumens version like the C2K. This light gets 4.5 Chillis from me - with slightly more spread light and a little less weight it would be the best light you could buy. As it stands it's probably the best helmet light for the money around.

    Similar Products Used: Cateye HL-520 & HL-410 on my road bike
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