Anyone running a 2013 Zokes 55 RC3 ti 170mm?

I'm looking to kit a Rune V2, which is going to be my 'pedal up' DH sled. I prefer coil, so it's a toss up between the 55ti or Van 170mm or maybe even Van 180mm? Opinions are awesome...Read More »

anyone have a pair of zokes 1" threadless?

I dont care about the condition of the forks I just need the 1" threadless steerer tube for a "NOS" pair I bought on ebay a few weeks back. Thanks, MattRead More »

Zokes 44 thoughts? Anyone?

So you guys running the new 44 on their WFO have some Med term thoughts yet? Are you guys still having troubles with the axle?Read More »

Where is my Zokes made?

I have a 2003 Marzocchi MX Comp coil 105-mm travel suspension fork that I'm selling off. I want to know if my fork is still part of those that were still made in Italy, prior to Marzocchi outsourcing their fork production to Taiwan. Knowing this bit of info would greatly help me in determining t ... Read More »

zokes 66 rc2x 06 adjustments

im just wondering what the adjustments do on the fork. am i right that the top is the compression at the end of the stroke so if you bottoming them outvbut like the feel wind that in a few clicks. and the bottom is how plush the whole fork is the whole way? Thanks boysRead More »


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