How To: Five Tips To Get Ready For Cross Season

Cannondale-Cyclocrossworld’s Tim Johnson and Jamis Cyclocross Team’s Ben Jacques-Maynes know a thing or two about cyclocross. Here's their pro advice on getting prepped for season ahead.   Read More »

Levi's GranFondo Update - Don't Stop Believing

The Rock, It Rolls (click 'em to read 'em): Registration and Packet Pickup We make mandatory marvelous. Or at the very least entertaining. The Levi Effect Premiere Join us at Friday's worldwide premiere of the documentary on Levi. Parking/Shop Rides Parking used to be cool. No ...    Read More »

Gore Bike Wear Windstopper AS

For 2012, GORE BIKE WEAR® introduced GORE-TEX® Active Shell technology, utilizing the lightest, most breathable GORE-TEX® ever produced. The Active Shell design simultaneously integrated the three components of a GORE-TEX® shell (outer layer, GORE-TEX® membrane, and mesh liner) to create a fabric t ...    Read More »

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Road Cranksets Zipp Quad Vuma vs Dura Ace 9000

I've been out of the weight weenie scene for a while and now it's time to get a new drivetrain on my road bike. Currently I have a Zipp Quad Vuma which is super light and feels stiff, but wonder how the new Dura Ace 9000 compares. I like all the ring choices on the Dura Ace, I'd love to have 38/5 ... Read More »

Sram+ Zipp?

just went to the Sram site for some reference material and noticed that ZIPP has been added to their list of acquired companies... mostly Roadie stuff but found it funny I haven't heard anything about it. anyone else? good? bad... don't give a crap? ;)Read More »

Overend's Rockhopper with BB30 using a Zipp BB?

This may have been posted already but I couldn't find it. CyclingNews had an article about Ned's Rockhopper SL SS. He was running a Zipp BB with the Sworks carbon crank that is OSBB or BB30. They say it is the Vuka Quad BB but I couldn't find any such thing, only Vuma Quad. The Vuma Quad is a 30 ... Read More »

Zipp Vuma bearing question

I'm converting a Hollowgram SL crank to fit a standard frame so I need BB cups. Are all Zipp Vuma bearings 30mm? I see them listed as Vuma and Vuma Quad so I don't know if there is any difference. I found BB cups listed as Vuma for way less $ so hopefully they are 30mm. For the ceramics I see prices ... Read More »

Adapt a Zipp 300 road crank (130mm bcd) for use on a Merlin XLM?

I picked up the Zipp crank for it's light weight and because it was on sale. My theory is to create a decent 2x8/9 drive train by swapping the existing chain rings for a "tripleizer" style inner (38t 130mm) and a corresponding granny (74mm or 92mm it seems) say around 28-32t or so. I have a an 11- ... Read More »

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