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Video: Grafton Mesa Downhill Featuring Logan Whitehead

Legacy of Grafton is a beautiful new video from Steven Lloyd, featuring Logan Whitehead on the infamous Grafton Mesa downhill trail in Southern Utah.    Read More »

2012 Red Bull Rampage Qualifying Video and Photos

Yesterday was qualifying for the 2012 Red Bull Rampage freeride competition in Virgin, Utah, near Zion National Park. Some of the best freeriders in the world have gathered to show what they can do in Southern Utah's unique terrain.    Read More »

Red Bull Rampage Returns to Utah in 2012

Santa Monica, CA – January 18, 2012 – The dawn of 2012 brings with it the anticipation of many momentous events – the presidential election, The Summer Olympics, and if you follow the Mayan calendar, the apocalypse. If all of civilization is falling, we may as well go out in style – and come October ...    Read More »

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Zion 660 EBB??

I apologize for the noob question, I've checked the compatible list as well as a few other sources, I'm hoping this wasn't true but it appears that the Zion 660 EBB isn't combatible for 650B? Stupid Noobs[IMG]http://ficdn.mtbr.com/images/smilies/mad2.gif[/IMG]Read More »

Zion Curtain question

So I rode it for the first time today......... As I came under the overpass I went straight up the little hill to the sign stand. Headed up the double track a little ways then headed left on the single track. When I cam back through I noticed more single track heading east just after the sign. ... Read More »

Beulah Park in Zion now part of CAMBr

I know its in Illinois, but only by about 3 miles so i thought I'd post here since I know some of you have ridden there and others may be interested in this. Anyway, CAMBr (the Chicago Area Mountain Bikers) will now be managing mountain bike trails at Beulah Park. Trail work will begin in May. T ... Read More »

Zion 737 EBB Ecentric Bottom Bracket Compatability

Hi - I just bought a Zion 737 EBB from the classifieds and I need an EBB for it. The shell measures approx 14.2 mm I.D. I was looking at the niner bio-eccentric, but am not sure that will work. I'd rather not fork out all the money for a Bushnell that's heavier. Are there any other good options? It ... Read More »

Paid spam: Last of the Zion 737 frames + matching fork

[url=http://classifieds.mtbr.com/showproduct.php?product=82349]Zion 737 steel 29er frame & matching fork (not pictured) Medium - Buy and Sell and Review Mountain Bikes and Accessories[/url] $160+shipping for the frame & fork. Cheers.Read More »

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