Lennard Zinn Updates Bestselling Mountain Bike Maintenance Book

Lennard Zinn Updates Bestselling Mountain Bike Maintenance Book Boulder, CO, USA - Zinn & the Art of Mountain Bike Maintenance is the world's best-selling book on mountain bike care and repair for good reason: it covers every procedure to repair, maintain, tune, or upgrade a mountain bike in an ...    Read More »

Rocky Mountain Bicycle Festival 2010

I attended the first morning of the 2010 Rocky Mountain Bicycle Festival in Leadville just the day before the Leadville 100 bike was to take place (Levi won). The 3 day event (Fri-Sun) was smaller than last year’s proceedings, which took place in Denver at the National Western Complex. The weather ...    Read More »

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Spring Cleaning - Grove/Zinn/Kona content

Thinning the bike collection down from around 20 to only 3 sure gives me a lot more time to spend tinkering with each. :) I think I've finally gotten the Grove to where I really like it. Even had a chance to paint the fork to match. Bonus points for the Control Tech seatpost! ... Read More »

Lennard Zinn replies to 650b question

Apologies if this has been posted in a recent long-thread: [url=http://singletrack.competitor.com/2012/06/bikes-tech/tech-faq-whats-the-big-deal-with-650b_32195]Tech FAQ: What’s the big deal with 650b?[/url]Read More »

What's new in Zinn?

I have the older edition of Zinn and the Art with a wispy blue SID hanging from his bike. My new ride has what is new tech to me with my first external bb, nice hydros, etc. Is there enough insight into newer parts in the new Zinn to make it worthwhile or what? Alternatively I could go on the great ... Read More »

Zinn book(new ed.)

So I bought the Zinn & the Art Of MTB maintenence 4.edition today, but according to Borders.com a new edition is set to hit stores in November. Anyone read this book(4th.ed..realesed 2005) and have ideas of should I have waited to get the new one? Also for those who have read both, what do you like ... Read More »

Zinn Big Sur 29er

Hey all. I've posted about this possibility before, but I never came back and updated ya'll. So here goes :) I ended up ordering the Big Sur 29" from Zinn. I spoke with Lennard at length about my goals, needs, wants, size etc etc etc. The Big Sur made good sense. I put my deposit down and a ... Read More »

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Zinn Product Categories

29er Full Suspension

Gigabike 5
2   Reviews
$ 2595.00
Megabike 5
2   Reviews
$ 2450.00

All Mountain Full Suspension

FS L 4
0   Reviews


Cyclewear Zinn thermal tights (PANTS) 5
1   Reviews
$ 90.00



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