Zefal pump parts locally? (asheville area)

Anyone know which shops carry Zefal pumps, and have parts? I need a new hose and can't find anything local. Part number 198901. Some of the shops sites are 3 years out of date so it's hard to tell....Read More »

Zefal HPX size for a Large Fargo?

Hey all: Anyone have a Zefal HPX mounted to their TT on a large fargo and can confirm a working size? Based on forum research, #4 sounds like the one but I wanna be sure. Thanks!Read More »

zefal pump needs new hose i think...were to get it...

i got a really nice zefal pump but the nozzle doesnt clamp on valves anymore and i cant really see why its not, were can i get a new hose? i would like to upgrade to a better hose anyway cause this one doesnt have both types of valves only one...Read More »

WTB Zefal solibloc mounting

Anyone have one of these pumps and the real question is how is it mounted in your frame? Which side is up? I remember someone telling me something about electrical tape?Read More »

Zefal Elegant Pump or Nashbar Blue

Anyone have any experience with the Zefal Elegant. I'm thinking of buying the Zefal of Nashbar Blue. What do you think?Read More »


Zefal Product Categories


Cyclop Mirror 4
1   Reviews
Rim Tape 0
0   Reviews


HF635 Halogen Headlight 3.68
13   Reviews
$ 21.99


DoubleShot Floor Pump 3.31
32   Reviews
$ 59.00
Elegante Floor Pump 1.5
2   Reviews
$ 39.99
hpr Graph 2.33
9   Reviews
$ 25.00


Twin Graph Tire Pressure Gauge 2.5
1   Reviews
$ 15.00

Water Carrier

Dakar 2.33
9   Reviews
$ 50.00



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