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YST Threadless BB

Has anyone used the YST threadless square taper bottom bracket?It is designed to be used when the BB shell has damaged or absent threads.Does the the BB shell have to be precision chamfered to accept the cups or will a friction fit work?No instructions are provided with the BB.Thanks for any replies ... Read More »

YST threadless BB

Has anyone used theYST threadless square taper BB?It is used in frames with damaged or no threads in the BB.Does the BB shell need to be precision chamfered or can it be friction fit.It comes with no instructions.Thanks for any replies.Read More »

YST threadless BB

Has anyone had any experiences with the YST threadless bottom bracket? I need to use one as a repair (they don't require threads). I already know that the threads cannot be salvaged, so this seems like it is my only option. Are there any other options out there for this kind of repair? Thank you ... Read More »



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