[url]http://www.yokozunausa.com[/url] new cable housing and cables looks very sexy : [url]http://www.yokozunausa.com/reactionkit.html[/url] low friction seems to be the goal and who knows the weight ??Read More »

Yokozuna cables/housing?

Anyone using these? I saw them on the Universal Cycles site, and am wondering how they compare to Jagwire's cables/housing. [url]http://www.yokozunausa.com/[/url]Read More »

Yokozuna reaction cables.... anything you can tell me?

Saw an ad for Yokozuna reaction cables..... they look pretty cool and gave a pretty good line of BS marketing jabber in their ad. [IMG]http://http://www.yokozunausa.com/reactionpkg.jpg[/IMG]Read More »


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