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Any Yokota love out there?

Hi guys/girls I have just got a Yokota Yosemite Pro,they seem to have been a bit under the radar, apparently when sold they would have been next to the likes of Specialized and were apparently around $100(US dollars) less than the competition, and the Yosemite came with rapidfire shifters and oversi ... Read More »

Yokota merced

I have acquired a yokota merced from my boss at work. He only asked me for forty dollars and i checked the bike out. It has new tires and new brakes and my boss just said he had it tuned up. (still had a name sticker from local bike shop with his name on it) i have not been able to find too much inf ... Read More »

Converting the Yokota

Well...y'all talked me into it. I did some math and figured out the gain ratio I preferred and back-engineered it to find out the closest gear ratio/cog combination to fit my 16.75" chainstay. I must say...this chainstay length is an absolute bear to get it to fit as the "magic gear". So, it look ... Read More »

Bought a Yokota Yosemite

Hear there's some old vintage nuts in here, so I figured I'd share up my first MTB. So far, I love it. It was perfect for the $180 I spent on it and feels waaaaaay more solid than any of my buddie's "store" bikes. I can't lock on exactly what year the frame was built, but the shop owner told me i ... Read More »

Mid 90's Yokota Twin Peaks

I have a chance to buy a mid 90's Yokota Twin Peaks tandem. It is in excellent condition. 7 speed thumb shifters, wheelsmith wheels, scott brakes (front looks like Graftons, rear is dual pivot). Shop is asking $600. Do you think it is worth it?Read More »





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