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Review: Xeccon Sogn 700 - 2800 Lumen Bike Light

The Xeccon Sogn 700 is a powerful light from Xeccon that features two banks of 3-LED lenses. It is a big light at 658 grams, but it's good to see a huge beam pattern from this light. It throws far and wide and that's a good thing with this many Lumens.   Read More »

Review: Xeccon Spiker 1210

The Xeccon Spiker is a light with 4 LEDs and a big hard cased battery. The beam is big and bright and it is best used as a bar light to project a wide beam pattern. A spot helmet light would complement this light nicely.   Read More »

Review: Xeccon Geinea I

The Xeccon Geinea is a 650 Lumen light with a tail light included in the system. A remote switch is included to control both front and tail lights.   Read More »

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Apply free lights/ Xeccon, 2013 Globabl Lighting Exposure

[CENTER][B]Xeccon, lighting the way[/B]-- 2013 XECCON Global Lighting Exposure[/CENTER] [B]Organizer:[/B] XECCON / Strivers Holdings Co., Ltd. [B]Theme:[/B] promoting a healthy lifestyle through cycling, day or night. Cycling is a low impact sport not only beneficial to the health of the rider ... Read More »

Gloworm and Xeccon at Taipei Cycle Show

Hi All Just thought we'd let you know that there is still humility in business, especially the light business! Vag and I recently attended the Taipei International Bicycle Show to check out new innovations and see in what direction the industry was headed. During our journey through the mas ... Read More »

user review: Xeccon 4 and 6 cell battery test and teardown

my apologies to Leonard for taking so long to post this, the last 3 months have been pretty crazy :) Standard format and declaration - Leonard had the US distributor send me 2x 4 cell silicone case batteries, 1x 6 cell shrinkwrapped battery and a 1A 8.4V wall charger to test. I get to keep the ba ... Read More »

Xeccon 6600 hard case battery review....and what I've learned about cheap lights

Leonard at Xeccon sent me one of his 6600 hard case batteries to review. He also sent one to ironbrewer....who took some photos here: [url]http://forums.mtbr.com/lights-night-riding/battery-thread-2013-a-834295-4.html#post10203292[/url] I gave it a charge ...which took about 7 hours...and hooke ... Read More »

User Review: Xeccon Geinea 1 Rear light

Hi all. Once again I've been asked by Xeccon to do a review of their new Geinea rear LED lamp. Since there are not too many rear led lamps over 100 lumen I thought I would accept. For the record, I receive no compensation from Xeccon to do the review other than they let me keep the light. My revi ... Read More »

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