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Review: Demon Knee and Elbow Soft Cap Pro X D3O soft armor

The Demon Knee Soft Cap Pro X D3O is an exceptional piece of soft armor, that is comfortable, and allows long pedaling sessions without binding and irritation issues.    Read More »

First Look: X-Fusion Hilo SL Strate seatpost

X-Fusion has added an internally-routed version of the popular Hilo adjustable seatpost to their product line…we take a First Look here.    Read More »

Just In: Pearl Izumi X Project 1.0 Mountain Bike Shoe

It’s been a long time in development, but we finally have a production version of the much-ballyhooed Pearl Izumi X Project mountain bike shoes in our hands. Read on to hear about our initial impressions and what they really weigh.   Read More »

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Across Newfoundland by fatbike (X-post)

The [URL="http://www.trailway.ca/"]Newfoundland T'Railway[/URL] is a 900 km long linear provincial park created from the former railway line that ran from end-to-end of the province. I recently rode the entire length on a fatbike in ten days. The T'Railway is the playground of ATV's and snowmobiles ... Read More »

Anthem x 29 with long travel fork

Considering installing a 140-150mm on my xc bike to give me some bigger bump capacity and a tad slacker head tube angle. Since the bike has a relatively low bb height and I'm running the saddle all the way back. I'm not ready to jettison my 29er setup but am feeling the ill effects of 70 deg hea ... Read More »

X-Post - XTR Shadow Plus Clutch and MRP G2SL

Anyone else running this setup? I would appreciate your help. [URL="http://forums.mtbr.com/drivetrain-shifters-derailleurs-cranks/xtr-shadow-plus-clutch-mrp-g2sl-868929.html"]http://forums.mtbr.com/drivetrain-shifters-derailleurs-cranks/xtr-shadow-plus-clutch-mrp-g2sl-868929.html[/URL]Read More »

Anyone have the Demon Hyper knee x d30 knee pads?

anyone have the Demon Hyper Knee X D30 Knee pads? are they comfortable? are they low profile? [url=http://store.demonunited.com/Demon_Hyper_Knee_X_D3O_p/ds5125.htm]Demon Hyper Knee X D3O[/url]Read More »

Carbine 650b Dropout - Hope 12 x 142 Adapter

Hi. I am planning to upgrade my 650b wheels from Inferno27 to Arch EX with hope Pro2 hubs. I need to change Hope hub's rear from 135 to 142 and I was wondering what hope adapter I need to buy, is it X12 or just the regular 12mm thru? thanks!Read More »

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