Review: Cane Creek DBAir CS rear shock

The DBAir CS is a more polished and greatly improved shock than its predecessor, and the CS mode offers increased pedaling efficiency and riding comfort on difficult climbing terrain.   Read More »

Compare-O Bottom Line: Love it or hate it, electronic suspension cometh and Lapierre strikes first with bold, new Spicy 527

Just like their countrymen Daft Punk, French bike-maker Lapierre brings a unique brand of electronica to the US.   Read More »

Compare-O First Look: Norco Range Alloy 7.1

Available in both carbon and aluminum, the Norco Range offers 160mm of all mountain travel derived straight from the North Shore. The Range Alloy 7.1 may be one of the best value bikes in our tests.   Read More »

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Pedal wrench -- necessary tool or not?

just curious if people are finding pedal wrenches worth the $30+ (given use is only a handful of times per year) or could a normal wrench suffice? of course, i'm excluding extreme cases of rusted solid pedals which require tons of leverage to remove. i'm just wondering whether i should be adding thi ... Read More »

Nipple size vs. spoke wrench - the Super B round one.

Greetings, Just rounded off two nipples truing the front wheel & decided it was time to get a better spoke wrench. The 3.2mm slot in the Round spoke wrench that came with my Super B kit appears to point to the black or .127" Park Tool wrench I am looking to buy. Directly across from the 3.2mm s ... Read More »

BB tool and torque wrench

I bought a new Truvativ Aka 2.1 crankset with GXP BB. I have a old Shimano ISIS tool in my toolbox which can work. However, there is no provision to put a ratchet wrench on the tool, only a 32mm spanner. I heard it's important to tighten the BB with the right torque amount and I have a 3/8" torque ... Read More »

Shimano XT Shadow+ . . . no wrench included?

Hey so I've been on my XT Shadow plus for ~100 miles now and the clutch started getting a little loose, which I've read is normal. Took the cover off, expecting to find a little wrench in there like on the XTR line . . . nada. Is this normal?Read More »

Goblin spoke wrench size

Please excuse the rookie question. I want to buy a spoke wrench for my new Goblin so I have one on hand if/when I need it. What size do I need? Also, is the Park Tool wrench the way to go? Thanks!Read More »

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