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Spindle Nuts for Wellgo WR-1 Pedals-Where can I find some?

I need another spindle nut for my daughter's Wellgo WR-1 Pedal? It looks to be a 6mm with a 9mm hex head. I went to Home Depot and it is not a 6mmX1.00. The threads are different. Here is a photo, thanks in advance. :thumbsup: BillRead More »

Dirtyface Peak -WR

A walk report. This trail is on the N side of lake Wenatchee and is bike allowed, but think again. It's 4 miles with 4k of gain. Like climbing stairs for the distance. Lower areas are ridable, upper not so. You'd get to push most of it. Last mile up if difficult walking. Payoff is the views. ... Read More »

Help! Passion for LOST GEAR, Simi Valley WR to China Flats.

Today we rode up from Simi Valley Wood Ranch trail-head and then up Albertsons to Cina Flats and down Suicide. Somewhere along the way we lost some down-hill protective gear. Shin and elbow guards. Please PM if you found any loot today. Happy 4th!!!!!!!bRead More »

Wednesday WR

Went out for the Wednesday night Team Evergreen ride at White Ranch. I didn't get many pictures and the light was crappy. Oh well. I was struggling tonight on the climb. Yeah, I could offer a thousand excuses but no one would believe me anyway. Needless to say, though I wanted to give up at Roun ... Read More »

1/31 WTA Grand Ridge WR

25 people showed up today, huge turnout for this time of year. Sun was out and temps were in the mid 40s. We almost finished a reroute around the muddy section south of Grand Ridge Drive. Please stay off of it until it's connected up. This new section has a few small bad spots that we can build t ... Read More »





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