Action Bicycle USA Adds Wippermann Chains

Carlstadt, New Jersey (September 11, 2008) Action Bicycle USA, the northeast’s leading parts distributor is pleased to announce the addition of Wippermann Chains. Wippermann manufacturer of the Connex chain has been producing chains for over a hundred years. They draw their knowledge on experience ...    Read More »

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Wippermann Connex 9s1... partial or full S.S.?

Does any one know for a fact if the Wippermann Connex 9s1 "stainless steel" 9 speed chain is 100% stainless steel, or if only the pins and internal plates are stainless steel? Thanks!Read More »

conneX (wippermann) chains?

Any thoughts /anyone tried or use these Teflon coated chains?Read More »

Wippermann Whitestar 108 vs SRAM PC-1

Anyone here used the Wippermann Whitestar 108 single speed chain? I am a newbie and I am using the SRAM pc1 , I was told that was the one to get. But now I am hearing about this Wippermann Whitestar 108, but I do not see any reviews of it here on MTBR. Anyone with experience want to give a comparis ... Read More »

Wippermann stainless chains: unreliable expensive junk

I am so sick of this thing exploding. It just blew up [I][B]again[/B][/I], and there was [I]another[/I] plate that was cracked through at the pin hole ready to blow. POS. They claim it's all stainless and yet the rivets rust. :mad: [img] ... Read More »

Where to buy Wippermann colored Chains?

A while back someone mentioned the awesome colors that Wipperman chains come in, so... What colors? Like blue? And - Where do I buy one?Read More »

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ConneX 904 0
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Connex 905 3.29
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