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Fool's Gold Mtb Races and Festival

  Presented by 55nine Performance     Fool's Gold MTB Races & Festival The Races... The Festival... Food, Lodging, Beverages, and Bands   55nine Performace Introduces Pedal Stroke Video Analysis What do Jeremiah Bishop, Rebec ...    Read More »

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Wingnut Gear in trouble?

Don't really know where to post this so I started here. Just curious if anyone has heard anything from or about these guys? Their packs rock, I've sold them for years, but for the last several months, no email or voice mail returns, and any time you call, you just get voicemail, but now the mail ... Read More »

Wingnut Gear Enduro Pack

Anyone here ride one? If so, what do you think? Thanks, SRead More »

Wingnut gear - Contact?

Hey all, I know some of you are rockin' the Wingnut packs and know where to get them, or better yet, how to get in contact with the 'nuts themselves. I've been trying to get ahold of them for weeks, both via email and phone. I'd drive there, but 1200+ miles for a pack is a bit unreasonable. I [I]rea ... Read More »

Wingnut Gear Closeouts

Some good deals at wingnut this week. No hydration packs unfortunately, but they have some nice looking saddlebags for $5. [url]http://wingnutgear.com/products.cfm[/url]Read More »

My new favorite piece of gear: Wingnut Hyper 3

I'll start by saying that I'm a fan of large hydration packs. I don't really like drinking from bottles and I like long rides......that being the case, I've tried quite a few hydration packs over the years. A typical ride for me had me carrying a 100oz of water, 5-7 gu's, 2-3 bars, 1-2 tubes, pump, ... Read More »

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Wingnut Gear Product Categories

Water Carrier

Assault 5
6   Reviews
Hyper 3.0 3.71
7   Reviews




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