Five cool, new bar and stem combos from Sea Otter

More manufacturers follow Easton’s lead on 35mm bar and stem combinations in our round up of cool, new cockpit set-ups seen at Sea Otter.    Read More »

Boothstorming Sea Otter: Index Ink combines creativity, art and mountain bikes at Sea Otter Classic

Index Ink paints giant mural at Sea Otter over the course of four days drawing attention to its lifestyle apparel while sidestepping the clichés.    Read More »

Compare-O Award-O: The best enduro bikes from our big shootout

The Mtbr crew hands out the hardware at the Sea Otter Classic to the winners of our Enduro Compare-O earlier this year.   Read More »

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what will 4K get me these days?

first new bike since ' is my wish list, attempting to stick around $4,000... *650b specific 130-150mm carbon trail frame *prefer modern suspension like VPP or DW-link *XT, XO or XO1 component set (prefer Shimano XT brakes) *size L or XL, want to be in the 28lbs range stock Back in ... Read More »

30mm more height in the front: will it change something?

I've removed spacer in my front fork to gain some travel (80mm to 100mm) on my Trek fuel ex8. I'll soon be changing my front tire from a wormdrive (1.9 semi-slick) to Schwalb Hans Dampf 2.35 so should rise the front end by another 10mm. Beside the gain from the tire and travel itself for trail-rid ... Read More »

Two Trees On Ranger Creek (will clear sun 8/4)

Reported on the Sun top thread are two large trees "on ranger creek not clear if above or below shelter". I get it: he was doing his triple crown. We are planning to shuttle up to that place we/you/them shuttlers park at and roll down to the big sticks. If my buddy and I can catch a ride on a pick ... Read More »

When will the XS size be avalible in other models

My girlfriend is 5'2" and loves her size SMALL Giant XTC29-1, but there is a degree of compromise and monkeying around to fit that bike for her. When I read that NINER was offering the EMD9 in XS, I guessed that other (lighter) models would follow, but NOT YET. I'd buy an air nine in a heartbeat if ... Read More »

Will Freehub and bearings come out together

My Shimano 525 freehub is slipping. Ordered complete new hub as it was cheaper than just the part itself. Was wondering if I can just undo the bearing on the disc side and pull the whole freehub and bearing out as a unit. This would allow me to replace everything in the hub just by undoing one se ... Read More »

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