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The Angry Singlespeeder: Our “Environmental Impact” is a Joke

After seeing the apocalyptic natural destruction that happened in Colorado last week, how can anyone take the argument of human “environmental impact” seriously?   Read More »

Breck Epic Stage 2: Lessons From The Trail

Two days of the 5th annual Breck Epic 6-day cross-country stage race are in the books and there are many lessons to be learned. Here then is a point-by-point encapsulation on some of what Professor Pain and the Singletrack Savant have taught thus far here in Breckenridge, Colorado.   Read More »

The Angry Singlespeeder: From Death Comes Life

A 27,000-acre fire threatens the town of Idyllwild and its amazing network of singletrack trails.   Read More »

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I have two wilderness 101 entries for sell, $80.00 each.

Contact me at [email]lee.simril@yahoo.com[/email]Read More »

Fatbike trails and wilderness riding video

Technical, wilderness fatbiking in Alaska is a growing phenomena. Oh the places you'll go. A note on the riders; George Peck is the father of [URL="https://vimeo.com/25585502"]'rough terrain unicycling'[/URL] and at the age of 70 took up mountain biking. He is now 74 and rides his moonlander ever ... Read More »

Comments Needed to Oppose Wilderness Designation by July 19, 2013

Sorry for the late notice but up in the southern Adirondacks there is a plan in place to designate part of a new forest purchase by NY State into a wilderness category that would effectively ban mountain biking. Your comments are needed now! Friday, July 16 2013 is the deadline. Send comments ... Read More »

Wilderness 101 - Looking Wet?

I've signed up for the Wilderness 101 event having never ridden that area before. The long range, leading up to the day is looking like a lot of rain. How does this area drain, does it dry out quickly or is it going to be a greasy, slippery race of attrition? Should I be putting on more aggressiv ... Read More »

Wilderness 101 entry. $150

I'm currently registered for the 101 and can't make it. I have a spot for sale. $150 includes the transfer fee (that I will pay). That is a savings of $50. Thanks, nathanRead More »

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