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Review: WickWerks Performance Chainrings

WickWerks is an Ogden, Utah based company that just makes one thing: chainrings. They use what they call BRIDGE technology to lift the chain from the rings. Find out how they perform in the real world.   Read More »

WickWerks To Hold "Ride the Rings of Champions" Sweepstakes

Mtbr just received some WickWerks rings here in the office for testing. We received a set of 2x10 rings with 38 teeth and 24 teeth. The pair weighs 90 grams on our shop scale and the finish is very nice and we can't wait to get them on our test rig. New photos added below. WickWerks is an ...    Read More »

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Enter to Win a set of WickWerks Chainrings!

We have a contest running right now and if you are one of the lucky winners you could win a FREE set of WickWerks Chainrings to upgrade your ride! There is still plenty of time to enter. Just submit your name and email address on the contest page. Enter Here: [url=http://www.mtbr.com/wickwerk ... Read More »

Ever heard of/used WickWerks chain rings?

There's a company called WickWerks ([url]www.wickwerks.com[/url]) selling what they call "Radically Ramped Chain Rings" that are claimed to improve shifting both up and down quite a bit. Anyone have experience with these? I've searched the web but can't find much of any info from users. ThanksRead More »

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WickWerks Product Categories


Mountain 2x10 5
4   Reviews
$ 129.50
Mountain Double 5
3   Reviews
$ 99.50
Mountain Triple 5
1   Reviews
$ 144.50
Radically Ramped Chainring 4.91
11   Reviews
$ 139.00




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