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QBP SaddleDrive - Park Tool, Pedro's, Lazer, SixSixOne, Wahoo Fitness and more!

QBP is the largest bicycle parts distributor in the US and they hold a special event every year for their top dealers and select media. The event is held in QBPs backyard (QBP West is based out of Ogden, UT. Their main world HQ is in Bloomington, MN) at the Snowbasin lodge and resort. It was a pe ...    Read More »

650b/27.5" Mountain Bike Round Up

  Update: Dec. 18 The last two bikes have arrived. Let the games begin!! Intense Carbine 275     Foes 275 Update: Nov. 12 Bikes are rolling in every week for the Mtbr 650b All Mountain Bike Round Up. We've been riding the snot out of them are really ...    Read More »

Review: GoPro HD HERO2

The new GoPro HD HERO2 has quite a few excellent features on top of its already outstanding functionality, the most prominent being the 11 megapixel sensor, which is accompanied by a sharper glass lens, both of which result in photos and videos with increased clarity and sharpness, and more vibrant ...    Read More »

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White Lightning Easy Clean...

MAN! This stuff works great and make cleaning components a breeze, but is there an alternative, equivalent? One can can get you two, maybe three cleans (6 oz. can), and it gets kind of expensive after a while if you clean your bike often... Does anyone have any suggestions?Read More »

White Lightning Easy Clean

Hey guys, Have you ever tried this stuff? [IMG]http://lh4.googleusercontent.com/public/yM3dFzsCko9AA-jshNYXQUw0GQ2gGWlZngPROTejT4NKrfwS6y-3dcd9lAb7l_f7qqK8naxP7CzXMFjG_ceEOKe-f8O_r_tf_lfzksiMHdHAEzXCn6q6q9Wb61aboLG3oLGhnlt6H4YrQzMi3klQkMtG-nI4OmIL-q3YT5OlDFx1SiICR-3qRyfCMi18S3RH[/IMG] I pi ... Read More »

White Lightning Crystal grease?

Hi all, Is this grease lithium based? I only ask because i need to service my forks and lithium based grease doesn't play nicely with them. Can't find the MSDS for it, website says aluminium, but just checking. TIA CRead More »

Using White Lightning on Carbon frame??

Is White Ligntning Wash and Rinse safe to use on Carbon frames? I have been using it for ages on my alloy bikes but now have a carbon frame and want to be certain that is will not do bad to my new frame?Read More »

white lightning bad on paint?

if any of you know whether or not white lightning's clean streak degreaser is ok to use on paint that would be great.Read More »

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White Lightning Product Categories


Chain Johnny 0
0   Reviews
$ 88.00


Chain 0
0   Reviews
$ 11.95
Clean Ride 4
5   Reviews
$ 11.99
Clean Streak Metal Prep 0
0   Reviews
$ 58.74
Crystal Grease 0
0   Reviews
$ 6.99
Epic Lube 2.7
10   Reviews
$ 6.98
Epic Ride 0
0   Reviews
$ 6.89
Trigger 0
0   Reviews
$ 19.98
Wash & Shine 0
0   Reviews
$ 9.98
Wet Ride 4
1   Reviews
$ 5.98


Clean Streak 4
2   Reviews
$ 14.99


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