Are wheelsmith double butted steel spokes reliable?

Are wheelsmith double butted steel spokes reliable? Are they light enough?Read More »

How much Kgf for early 90's Wheelsmith wheels?

Any old timers on here? I've just finished rebuilding the hubs and wheels on an early 90's (1993) wheelset with White Ind. (Ti) and Wheelsmith rims. In restoring this set, I put in new bearings and new nipples. The original nipples had started deteriorating, three actually lost their heads and di ... Read More »

which nipples for 2.0/1.7 wheelsmith spokes?

I'm ordering up some 2.0/1.7 wheelsmith spokes for a wheelbuild, but I'm not sure which nipples to get... The website lists both 1.8x12 and 2.0x12 I feel like I ordered the 1.8's last time for these spokes, but they were too narrow. Any idea's? Does DT have a nipple compatible with these spoke ... Read More »

DT vs Wheelsmith spokes

Looking to build up a new set of wheels with either DT or Wheelsmith 2.0/1.8 double butted spokes. I wanted some input as to which brand you feel is of better quality. Wheelsmith spokes will be slightly less expensive than the DT's, but am I sacrificing quality? Any and all input is appreciate ... Read More »


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