Wheels Mfg derailer hangers.

My stock cannondale hanger was stripped and screwed from new. Got worse over time with every little bump. The screws that hold it are are very weak. I now there needs to be a weak link to save the frame and derailer but I cant handle the shifting issues any more. Ordered a wheels Mfg derailer. I ... Read More »

BB30 Adaptor - Wheels Mfg vs Woodman

Looking at BB30 adapters to fit 24mm Shimano spindle to a frame with a BB30. Was looking at Wheels Mfg which looks popular and effective then saw Woodman which looks like it's one piece. Anyone with experience? [url=http://www.woodmancomponents.com/Web/Product_Show.asp?Sel=PD&CAID=CA201110111032 ... Read More »

Wheels Mfg Deralleur hanger....Too Short?

I hope you folks can help me out....I'm having trouble with drive train on my Trek Liquid 30...It will shift OK going to a smaller cog but when shifting to a larger cog, it will starting riding with the edge of the chain on the teeth of the cogs. It will settle in sometimes when I go 1 or 2 past wh ... Read More »

Does anyone know which Wheels Mfg. dropout fit early version 1 Dirt Bag?

I need to order a Wheels Mfg. replacement derailleur hanger for the earliest version of the Dirt Bag....I guess there were 3 versions? This one being the earliest around 03 maybe? I don't see one listed on the Wheels Mfg. website... Thanks!Read More »

Wheels mfg derailleur hangers for $15 + S/H - 4/17 only

Found this on slickdeals.net: Wheels mfg is having a tax day sale on all derailleur hangers for $15 + S/H [url=http://wheelsmfg.com/products/derailleur-hangers.html]Wheels Mfg Derailleur Hangers[/url]Read More »


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