Compare-O First Look: Intense Carbine 29

Intense sets out to change minds about 29ers with burlier, longer-legged version of the big hooper that’s well-spec’d to boot. Take a First Look with us.    Read More »

Breck Epic Stage 6: Exhilarated and Exhausted

The final stage of the Breck Epic wraps up with two trips over the Continental Divide.    Read More »

Breck Epic Stage 5: Yep, That Was Epic

Thursday’s stage 5 of the Breck Epic deserves what is often an overused adjective in the fat tire world. No it wasn’t the longest stage in mileage or time. But heading up and over Wheeler Pass was indeed epic.   Read More »

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Wheeler to Miners Creek Trail

Any intel on the climb to Wheeler Pass via Burro Trail to Crystal Creek Rd to Wheeler Trail just past Francies Cabin? Or is Peak 9 Road the better option?Read More »

need feedback fast - wheeler trail

Anyone start wheeler trail from spruce creek trail head ever? Does it make it worse or better than going up the service road at Peak 9? I'm heading out tomorrow early morning and need some guidance. Thanks!Read More »

The Tom Wheeler Project

[url=]The Tom Wheeler Project, Part 3 Finale on Vimeo[/url]Read More »

where to get my hands on a wheeler raptor

hey lads, Trying hard to get my hands on a white/orange wheeler raptor frame, however wheelers email address doesnt work, their various importers across europe wont reply and the USA team's site is gone. Have left message on their facebook with no reply either, seems like a lost game, figured ... Read More »

A Fine Plan Indeed - Wheeler Pass to Miners Creek Trail TR

Saturday evening, after a satisfying day of riding downhill bikes at Keystone, icegeek and myself started kicking around ideas for a Sunday adventure. Many options were bandied about over Great Divide Rumble IPA and greasy cheeseburgers (or was mine pulled pork?) but in the end we decided on a route ... Read More »

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Wheeler Product Categories

Bike 1998 or Older

5000 4
1   Reviews
$ 1600.00
5000ZX 4
1   Reviews
T-rex 5
1   Reviews

Full Suspension Bike

1999 DZX 6000 DH 3.85
8   Reviews
$ 3350.00

Hardtail Bike

1999 2900zx 4.6
4   Reviews
$ 489.00



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