Bike Review: Airborne Guardian 29er

Factory Direct, Well Spec'ed and in Effect The MBT Test Crew likes factory-direct mountain bike manufacturers and here's why: We have our own in-house mechanics so assembling and tuning a brand new bicycle is daily routine. When we can save hundreds, sometimes thousands off the asking price of a ...    Read More »

Bike Test: 2011 Diamondback Overdrive Comp 29er

Big Hoops, Little Coin There was a time when a sub-$1000 mountain bike of any configuration was either wishful thinking or a bloated department store clunker disguised to look like a real off-road bicycle. If there is one good thing to be said for economy of scale, it's that mountain bikes h ...    Read More »

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Tubeless Conversion using Weinmann SL-7 wheels and WTB Wolverine 29x2.2 Tires

Anyone successful going tubeless using Weinmann SL-7 Wheels and WTB Wolverine Tires? I've tried the the Stan's kit and it doesn't work. I did use electrical tape (because a friend told me that was the way to go) and I can't ge the bead to seal. I had someone else tell me this wheel/tire set-up won't ... Read More »

Weinmann 100mm mods anyone?

Anybody tried relieving the inner wall of a Weinmann 100 in the style of the old Marge XC? And if so, how much weight did it save?Read More »

weinmann dhl 65 ERD?

Just wondering if anyone has the ERD to the 26" weinmann dhl 65 rim? I have looked all over the web and can not find it but want to make sure I have the spokes on hand before the rim shows up. Thanks in advance.Read More »

Weinmann TM19 Rims

Do these suck? [URL=""][B]Weinmann TM19 [/B][/URL] Comments appreciated. Intended use flat land, paved and dirt road riding. I noticed that there were a lot of reviews of the 519, but not the TM19.Read More »

Weinmann Goliath wheels any good?

I camr across a set for 150 bucks. I've never heard of them and was wondering if there any good? Any opinions and input would be appriciated. So should I get them or not? I do some small drops and jumps.Read More »

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