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Tested: Motobecane Fantom 29 XTR

A few rides in, I'm happy to report that the bike checks out. It rides as a proper hardtail should, responsive yet smooth. The Motobecane has a stiff front end with its head tube area and it steers accurately with the Rockshox fork.    Read More »

Vuelta All-Mountain MTB and Team V MTB wheelset

Vuelta All-Mountain MTB and Team V MTB wheelset  Review, photos and videos by Lee Lau VUELTA WHEELSETS Summary Vuelta wheelsets show that sometimes, the bike industry can produce good components at a reasonable price. In my opinion, wheelsets should be assessed on - (i) weight; ...    Read More »

Motobecane Interbike Booth

Motobecane Fantom 29 FS Shimano 30 Fantom 29 FS has top-of-the-line Full Race specs. A Rockshox Reba 29er fork with up to 100mm of travel in the front and in the rear, the NEWEST Rockshox Monarch RT3 rear shock withAdvanced Floodgate Platform Technology. Improvements Specific to this Motobecan ...    Read More »

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Vuelta Pro Trail wheelset

Anyone have thoughts or experiences with the Vuelta Pro Trail wheelset? There $119 with 20% off till the 30th at nashbar [url=http://www.nashbar.com/bikes/Product_10053_10052_544913_-1]Vuelta Pro Trail Mountain Wheelset - Overweight Code W[/url]Read More »

Vuelta wheel warranty: pretty much WORTHLESS

I bought a Motobecane Team Fly Ti 29er in April 2011, and absolutely love the bike. The bike came with Vuelta Team SL wheels. 9 days ago, I somehow managed to bend the front wheel. To this day, I'm still not sure how it happened. I didn't wipe out, or run over some large boulder. I did save mayse ... Read More »

'Rollin' Red - Dominique Rollin in the mix at the Vuelta

Anyone watching it? Is Contador the favourite or am I foolish for picking Froome?Read More »

Are Vuelta wheels any good?

Im looking at the zero lites, i want to know what you guys thought about them, i wont be doing anything to extreme with them. ThanksRead More »

Vuelta Zerolite Wheelset. Nashbar $75

I'm a Clyde, but couldn't pass on these...for $75!!:D Not as many deals on rim-brake wheelsets these days. I'm putting them an a HT that's primary use is rail-trails or road. I've read that the cones may need to be adjusted. Can I use standard box or Crescent wrenches? [url=http://www.nash ... Read More »

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Vuelta Product Categories

Chain Accessories

Vuelta Single Ring Chainring Bolt Set 0
0   Reviews
$ 15.00


SE Flat 5
1   Reviews
$ 35.00
SE Plus Mountain Chainring 4
1   Reviews
$ 14.99


Montagna MTB Comp Triple 0
0   Reviews
$ 24.99
Montagna MTB Pro Triple 0
0   Reviews
$ 27.99


Comp Disc 4.67
3   Reviews
$ 499.00
Lite Hand Built 0
0   Reviews
$ 259.00
Montagno Lite 5
2   Reviews
MTB All Mountain 4
2   Reviews
$ 295.00
MTB SuperLite Handbuilt 0
0   Reviews
$ 389.99
Nine 29er Hand Built 0
0   Reviews
$ 295.00
Pro Disc 4
2   Reviews
$ 198.95
Pro DX 0
0   Reviews
$ 250.00
Pro SuperLite Disc 4
1   Reviews
$ 699.00
Team SuperLite Disc 4
14   Reviews
$ 799.00
Team V MTB 0
0   Reviews
$ 449.00
Zerolite Comp Mountain 5
2   Reviews
$ 128.99
ZeroLite Pro Mountain 3.67
3   Reviews
$ 168.99




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