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Transition Bandit 29 Review

If Kevin could have taken pictures this is what he would have taken; Darrin getting loose - courtesy of Transition Bikes Normally I have the resources to grab a friend and talk them into going out and taking pics with me for reviews. The percentage of nights I was sleeping in my own bed and ...    Read More »

Bicycling Legends will Judge Belt Drive Design Contest at NAHBS

Gates Carbon Drive(TM) Gathers Bicycling Legends and Hall-of-Famers for Belt Drive Bike Design Contest at North American Handmade Bike Show Joe Breeze, Scot Nicol, Steve Potts, Joe Murray, Ross Shafer and Paul Sadoff to judge entries in Gates innovation contest at 2012 NAHBS. (Denver, Dec. 20, 201 ...    Read More »

DealerCamp Looking Totally Dialed

DealerCamp™ Looking Totally Dialed Just a few exhibitor and subsidized retailer spots remain Laguna Niguel, CA--With three weeks to go until Lifeboat Event's inaugural DealerCamp™, final plans for the event are taking shape. This innovative outdoor demo and expo event for bicycle suppliers and ...    Read More »

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VooDoo Bokor?

I have a plan. I recently converted my old 2005 Fetish Discipline hardtail to a SS. I like the SS concept but I don't like my Fetish frame. My plan was to replace the Fetish with a VooDoo Bokor. That had a bunch of advantages. 1. I could use most all of my old components so the cost would jus ... Read More »

HELP about Voodoo Erzulie size

OK I'm interested to buy Erzulie, I think it's the 2007 version, really nice looking Cro-Mo bike. However I'm unsure will it fit to me, largest size is 20" and I'm 187cm (6'1")... 20" seat tube C-T would be ideal however top tube horizontal looks somewhere around 600mm or 23,6". Any help to get ac ... Read More »

Voodoo Limba

Anyone know anything about the Voodoo Limba? I am looking to get a frame for about $250 on Craigslist. Is that a good price? Anyone know about these for cyclocross? I ride a 54cm Cannondale road bike and I'm wondering if the 53-54cm Limba will be good. He's not sure of the size but from what he says ... Read More »

Voodoo Canzo 29er Users

I found a 2011 Voodoo Canzo 29er frame and I was wondering if anyone had experience using one of these and what your thoughts are?Read More »

Looking for a Voodoo Fire GPX File

Wondering if anyone out there has a gpx file of the Voodoo Fire race course. I've done lot's of googling and come up empty. I'm planning to head town to Pueblo Friday for a high mileage day and throught it would be fun to do two laps of the Voodoo Fire course. I have a map and course descriptio ... Read More »

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VooDoo Product Categories

29er Forks

Zombie Fork 4.67
3   Reviews
$ 66.99

29er Full Suspension

Canzo 4.56
16   Reviews
$ 0.00

29er Hardtail

Bokor One 29 4.5
2   Reviews
$ 329.00
Soukri 4.4
5   Reviews
$ 486.00

All Mountain Full Suspension

Zobop 5
1   Reviews
$ 0.00


Wanga One 4.88
8   Reviews
$ 480.00

XC Hardtail

Bantu 4.33
3   Reviews
Bizango 4.67
6   Reviews
$ 660.00
Bokor One 4.27
15   Reviews
$ 307.99
Wanga 4.33
12   Reviews
$ 650.00




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