Hot News: RockShox launches Bluto fatbike suspension fork

Fatbike riders have been clamoring for a suspension fork and today RockShox delivered introducing Bluto RL, their first plus-sized suspension fork.   Read More »

Hot news: RockShox finally reveals new RS-1 inverted fork

We’ve been speculating about RockShox’s new RS-1 for weeks now and today the company confirmed the new fork is an inverted, 29er-specific cross country model.    Read More »

First Look: Cannondale Jekyll 27.5 Enduro bike

Like some, we were skeptics when it came to the new Jekyll and its proprietary technology. But come explore with us and understand how this bike comes together and why it's worth considering for your next steed.   Read More »

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high volume floor pump

Hi I'm in the market for a floor pump to use it to seat tubeless tires. It seem this were mention in older post from my search Lezyne dirt floor Specialized air tool MTB Joe blow mountain Joe blow ace - more air per stroke than the mountain model?? SKS 6.0 Bigger barrel = more air but not a ... Read More »

So how do you guys get your training volume in?

I am curious as to what percentage of time you all spend specifically mountain biking vs. road riding vs. commuting vs. running/swimming/lifting etc. I work 7am to 5pm, and with family, work around the house, etc. riding time on weekdays is limited, but not impossible. On weekends there is more ... Read More »

Float volume spacers on Enduro auto sag shock

Has anyone tried to install the Fox volume spacers on this shock? Can the air can be removed and reinstalled without messing anything up?Read More »

Endorphin/ high volume air shock

So what kind of performance characteristics are going to come from running a standard RP23 as opposed to a high volume rp23 on an endorphin? The shock will be more progressive?Read More »

X-Fusion Velvet Volume reducers (too linear)?

I am bottoming out the 140mm RL too easily. With proper sag (25%) I can blow through 90% travel doing a bunny hop. It also bottoms out on the trail a lot. The problem seems to be landing to flat, even a tiny height bottoms out (less than a foot) Currently riding with 5-10% sag to stiffen it up an ... Read More »

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