Vistalite 5w- worth modding?

I inherited this light- [IMG][/IMG] i can't get it to work though. not sure if the batteries are dead, the bulbs are burned out, or both. anything worthwhile I can do with it?Read More »

Vistalite battery and bulb replacement... is it worth it?

I have a old Vistalite code 25 with 3, 6V 2200mAh NiMH battery sticks. Two battery sticks are shot. Should I look into a Li-ion battery build? Also would it pay off to replace the bulbs with something like a MR11 LED Light Bulb to get more light? [url= ... Read More »

VistaLite Night Sticks batteries toast...

[FONT="Georgia"]I have a set of 3 lamps/3 NiMH batteries, VistaLite circa 1998-2000. Used them a bunch for a few years, then put them away for 7-8 years. I need them now for a 24 hour race in February and have been riding with them at night the past few weeks. The batteries are toast. I used ... Read More »

Vistalite mod

I posted this in response to a question about buying Vistalite bulbs, so it probably got missed by some who may care to read it. I have a set of Vista lights, purchased some years ago. Recently I thought I would update them, the halogen bulbs being expensive to keep replacing. I bought a couple o ... Read More »

Replacement Vistalite bulbs?

Anyone know where I can get replacement bulbs for Vistalite? I've got the nightstick setup that uses a sort-of-MR-11 bulb. I say "sort of" because regular mr-11's don't quite fit right (I've tried a few). I'm looking for the 15w version, but a 10w would be nice to have as well. Also, if I u ... Read More »


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Clear Nebula 3.5
4   Reviews
$ 14.99
6   Reviews
$ 124.99
5   Reviews
$ 249.00
9   Reviews
$ 69.99
Quark 0
0   Reviews
$ 9.99
Road Toad 1.73
11   Reviews
$ 16.00
Super Nebula 5 3.71
10   Reviews
Total Eclipse 3.94
16   Reviews
$ 20.00

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Eclipse 700 4.5
19   Reviews
$ 19.99
Nightstick 3
61   Reviews
$ 110.00
Strobe VS3001r 3.8
5   Reviews
$ 24.95



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