Vigor V10 helmet..

Iam looking for a cheap full face helmet that i will use maybe 15 times a year. I came across this [url][/url] It might worth a shot, if it does not work just out 20 bucks... What do you guys think?Read More »

OGK Mostro Vigor helmet - where is it??

I saw this helmet listed on weight weenies website, but can't find a single dealer - anybody know anything about this helmet, as in who might carry it? thanks!Read More »

Vigor Contender Full Face Helmet- $9.77

Full Cycles is selling Vigor Contender Full Face helmets for $9.77, size large only, no color choice but they're picturing blue. It looks like they're normally about $40 on eBay, $79 full retail, so they're not top of the line, but they are CPSC tested. [url] ... Read More »

Vigor vamoose fit?

Hello, Im looking to buy the vigor vamoose but I had a question about sizing? I know I should try it on, but since I havent seen these available at any LBS I think ill just order and return if it doesnt fit. Anyway, I was told they run a size large, so to get a M if you're an L etc. Anybody ow ... Read More »

Which Helmet Vigor Vamoose, Full Bravo (Carbon?)

So I have been reading post after post, which helmet should I get. I am an aggressive XC rider recoverering from a broken jaw. So I am planning on using it as my primary helmet long ups in the summer, i guess I will just have to deal with the heat. But which helmet would you recommend, it seems a ... Read More »


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