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Enduro Compare-O: The Mtbr test crew picks their favorite Dream Bike Spec components

Our test crew picks their ultimate, no-holds-barred component mix from the Enduro Compare-O in our Dream Spec feature.    Read More »

SF Bike Expo 2013 - Show Highlights and Photos

A ton of photos and highlights from the 2013 edition of the SF Bike Expo featuring bikes from Soma, NTS Works, Bicycle Fabrication, Vanmoof, Stranger Bikes and more!   Read More »

The Angry Singlespeeder: Cyclocross – The Suck Science

It’s that time of year again. Where mud-caked mayhem and masochism come together in a sport we all lovingly refer to as cyclocross.   Read More »

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Gentec vs. Victor J 28

Any comments on the quality/fuctionality of the Gentec "casting" torch handle ( [URL="http://www.jewelrytools.com/eurotool/torches/Gentec-Casting-Torch-Torch-Handle.html?gclid=CL3RpqDa3LgCFY5r7AodUVgAnQ"]SOL-250.10 - Gentec Casting Torch, Torch Handle[/URL] ) compared to the J 28? Appears to be a cl ... Read More »

Will the Victor TEN propane tips work with acet?

[COLOR=#000000]Posted this same question on BF but no answer as yet. I know you can use acet tips for propane, how about the other way around? What effect does the recessed tip orifice have on acet? Won't work, lousy to work with, unsafe? thanks, Brian[/COLOR]Read More »

Saving Nemo's (Teton Valley/Victor)

Well, Nemo's is slated to be decomissioned this summer. I am not quite sure exactly what that means. If you know this trail, you know what a blow to 'in town' trails this is to the Victor area. Even if you don't PLEASE drop by Habitat or Peaked, and find out more about this trail, and go ride it now ... Read More »

Victor Vicente of America Topanga. Second one built

Here's my recently finished 1979 VVA Topanga. The full story and all the photos can be found here: [URL="http://www.velocult.com/index.php/blog/"]http://www.velocult.com/index.php/blog/ [/URL] Read More »

Update on Reopening the Victor Falls Trails

The developer of Cascada filed for chapter 11 bankruptcy on Oct 17. Cascadia Project LLC has defaulted on two loans totaling $72.9 million including interest and fees. The Komo News article can be found here [URL="http://www.komonews.com/news/64669337.html"]http://www.komonews.com/news/64669337.html ... Read More »

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