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Recommendations for Vetta replacement parts?

New to this forum, hope I am not ruffling any feathers with this question. I use Vetta V100HR wireless odometer/cadence kits on three different bikes. So I want to keep consistent. I broke the cadence transmitter on one of the bikes. Checked Vetta website and I can get a replacement part. My ... Read More »

Vetta HR 1000

Does anyone out there have a mount for this old computer? I know it's old but it works great for training. ThanksRead More »

EDIT:Anyone lose (WANT) a Vetta v100 on Braille in Demo recently?

Well I found it... EDIT: Anyone want it? Throwing away if no reply.Read More »

Vetta RT288: Getting the Right Tire Size?

I just got a Vetta RT288. It gives the options of setting by circumference or by tire size. I'm running a 650B which is an unusual size and is not listed in the manual either by circumference or as a tire size option. So, how I do find the right circumference of my tire to get the correct setting? T ... Read More »

Vetta SL Ti

does anyone know where I can get a NOS Vetta SL Ti saddle from? It was my favourite seat, went from a cro-mo to a ti, and was a petfect fit for my bum, but the one I have has a list due to a big accident, and the flight trans-alp I'm using at the moment just isn't really working for me. I'll probabl ... Read More »


Vetta Product Categories


RT277 0
0   Reviews
$ 37.99
RT288L 3.25
4   Reviews
$ 48.49
V100 3.57
21   Reviews
$ 40.00
V100 WL2X 4
1   Reviews
$ 99.99
Vetta Mounting Kit 0
0   Reviews
$ 0.00
VL110 WL 1
1   Reviews
$ 60.00
VL110HR T2X 2
3   Reviews


Jupiter 3W 0
0   Reviews
$ 99.99
Nano Lux 0
0   Reviews
$ 82.99
Neptune 0
0   Reviews
$ 49.99
Tail Light TSL 0
0   Reviews
$ 49.99




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