Velomax Orion II road hub / spoke question

Since I'm unable to create an account at Roadbike Review, maybe someone here might be able to help me. I have a set of road wheels from a 2005 Felt F25 road bike. They components are "Orion 2" hubs made by Velomax, and they are laced to Velocity Arrowhead rims. The rims have cracked (I have pur ... Read More »

Velomax Climax rear hub problems

This wheel set is like '01/'02, it was bought NOS. After 2 mi of riding the rear hub sheared, totally quit working, cranks just spun. Velomax fixed it at no charge. 50 to 75 mi on the repaired hub the free wheel mechanism locked up. What gives? I thought these were tough wheels.Read More »


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