Review: Vee Rubber Trail Taker 650B Tires

The Vee Rubber Trail Taker tires come in 650b and 29er sizes and they have a good price point and offer excellent traction, float, and braking.   Read More »

KRob's Outerbike 2013 Bike Demo Reviews - Part 2

Part two of KRob's Outerbike bike tests. Here he gives us his opinion on the new Norco Sight, Pivot Firebird 27.5, Intense Carbine 275, Devinci Troy, Turner Flux 27.5 and Santa Cruz Heckler 27.5.    Read More »

Expanding Fatbike Market Carries Big Momentum at Interbike

You couldn't go far at Interbike without encountering something fatbike. Whether crushing gravel at Outdoor Demo, blasting through barriers at Cross Vegas or taking up square footage in trade show booths, product offerings continue to grow.   Read More »

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SPAM: Surly Rolling Darryl Tron blue/Hope PRO2 hubs, Pugsley frame + Fork, Vee Rubber

[url=]FAT BIKE WHEELS! Surly Rolling Darryl "Tron Blue" to H ... Read More »

Mini tire review: Vee Rubber Mission 26"x4.0"

Noticed that Pricepoint was selling these for super-cheap ($36.98): [url=]Vee Rubber Mission 26x4.0 Folding Tire | Vee Rubber | Brand |[/url] so I bought one, thinking to myself, “How bad could an ... Read More »

Vee Rubber Speed-R or Mission?

Has anyone used either of these tires for a rear tire? It looks like both would provide good traction and fairly fast rolling speed, and I want to combine it with a Nobby Nic 2.35" up front. If it matters for comparison's sake, I ride mainly in Colorado on hardpacked trails with varying amount of ... Read More »

Vee Rubber - Vee 8

Ordered quite some time ago from Jenson USA, delivered yesterday. At $60/ea, they're quite a "deal" for 26x4.0 tires. It was a great present heading into the weekend. I only was able to get them out of the box last night and they looked sharp. As the early reviews around the interweb state, the knob ... Read More »

Vee Rubber TT's vs Schwalbe HD's

Currently running HD's. Anybody got opinion on how the Vee Rubbers Trail Takers compare?Read More »

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