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Sonya Looney Rides the Mongolia Bike Challenge: Part 2 - The Harsh Reality

At 3 AM, the rain on the roof of the Ger finally stopped. The sky was inky and ominous as the morning sunlight suffocated behind the clouds. Cold rain was imminent.   Read More »

Video: BikePark Wales - UK's New Bike Park Destination

Trails and bike parks are being opened all over the globe as mountain bikers build trails to ride for themselves, their peers and their children. In just three days time BikePark Wales will open its doors to the public after five years of planning and construction.    Read More »

2013 Crankbrothers Mallet DH/Race

Weight: 479g per pair MSRP: $140 Today, Crankbrothers is introducing the new Mallet DH/Race pedal. We've ridden with it a few times and we've already taken it apart. But to truly understand where the Mallet DH/Race is going, one has to understand where it came from. First came the Eggbeater ...    Read More »

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Airborne featured in latest ODI/Vans Ad

The Airborne Wingman and Barry Nobles are in the newest ad from ODI featuring their VANS grips. Cool stuff!Read More »

Looking for Vans Gravel shoes

Looking for Vans Gravel shoes. Can't seem to find them online in size US 12. Everywhere I look they are either out of stock or don't stock that size. I am not in the States so I need someone that will ship. Any help would be greatly appreciated....Read More »

Post up your vans/mini-vans that haul your rigs

Who here roll vans they bought specifically for hauling their bikes and buds to trails (or at least with thought towards that in the deciding process). Have you done overnigh trips to farther-away places to ride sleeping in it :thumbsup: Mine (90% of the decision process was for bike hauling...so ... Read More »

Sprinter vans

What do you folks think of Mercedes (aka freightliner) Sprinter vans for MTB adventure vehicles?Read More »

Vans Warner tread inserts, I need a pair

I got a pair of Vans Warners from my son the other day but he didn't keep the tread inserts. I currently ride flats and figured I'd check here first to see if anyone has a pair they don't need.Read More »

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