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Hot News: Easton releases Haven 35 oversized handlebars and stems

Upsized 35mm diameter strengthens, stiffens trail- and enduro-focused line.   Read More »

Video: Four-year-old twins shred trails and bike park

Pair of four-year-old twins look to be on track for world cup victories in the year 2016.    Read More »

Hot news: RockShox finally reveals new RS-1 inverted fork

We’ve been speculating about RockShox’s new RS-1 for weeks now and today the company confirmed the new fork is an inverted, 29er-specific cross country model.    Read More »

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Anybody ever set up a Velocity Deep V tubeless?

If so, how much luck did you have? Thanks!Read More »

what is a good XC V-brake rim??

I am looking to purchase a new set X/C V brake Rims as My Fuji Mtb Came with Jalco 36h rims and FUji hubs/no disc that have a freewheel.They seem very heavy and I just got a great deal on a 32h Hubs with 6 hole disc. I am wondering what is a good quality X/C 32h rim with machined lip for V brake. I ... Read More »

Anybody set up a Velocity Deep V tubeless?

If so, how successful we're you? Thanks!Read More »

Putting together new bike, issue connecting front V-brakes.

Hi, While generally competent, I have never had any experience with bicycles. Just got a new one and am putting together, and have no issue but failed to get the front brakes/wheel working. Basically, if I hook the brakes together (really quite sure they are V-brakes) the are then too close for t ... Read More »

V- brake adjustment

Hi Guys, I have a v- brake question that I need some help with. I will try my best to describe the problem. On the rear brakes I find that sometimes the one pad will grab the rim alot more then the other side. Say for example im wiping my bike down and I happen to move the whole brake assembly ... Read More »

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