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Review: Urge Endur-O-Matic Helmet

The Urge Endur-O-Matic looks totally different from any other helmet out there. But can it pull it off with few ventilation holes and no rear retention system?   Read More »

Fabien Barel is Looking for his New URGE Bike Products Ambassadors

Become Urge Bike Products Ambassador for the advertising campaign to launch our new helmet. “Like” Urge Bike Products Facebook’s page. Post your 4 photos (maximum) aggregated in one picture, on the “Become an ambassador ” tab on the Urge Bike Products Facebook page and a short presentation (5 ...    Read More »

The Angry Singlespeeder: Fat Bikes. Meh.

Does the added expense and time investment of buying and maintaining a fat bike justify its overall fun and usefulness?    Read More »

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Urge Down -o-matic Crash tested

In case anyone was wondering, the Urge Down-o-matic just cost my dentist thousands of dollars. Big crash yesterday at Trestle bike park and slammed side of my head into the not so soft rocks. Anyone riding the bike parks without full face is crazy, would have broken my jaw and been a bloody mess f ... Read More »

Urge helmets on the clymb

Thought I'd send a heads up that the clymb dot com has urge helmets for sale cheap. i know a lot of people hate these helmets but i personally am a fan. just picked up a down-o-matic for $80. they have a code for an extra 30% off: HAPPY4TH i dont work for the clymb or urge, just passing along ... Read More »

Urge Down-Matic fullface helmet Chainlove $100

Nice deal on a full-face most folks seem to like. Up now, act fast.Read More »

Anyone using the Urge All-M helmet?

I am looking for a new helmet to replace my aging Giro Athlon - tried on one of the Urge All-M helmets and was super impressed with the fit I actually prefer how it fits my head VS the POC trabec i tried on). Build quality looks really good in it as well. My biggest concern about it is the coolin ... Read More »

Urge Endur O Matic as XC/Trail helmet?

Hi, I'm looking for an XC capable trail lid with enough space on its side to mount a contour +2 with the profile mount or with the rotating flat surface mount. Vented helmet mount is not an option for me. (because it shakes and makes noise) One of my nominees is the endur o matic which I can buy w ... Read More »

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Urge Product Categories

Full Face Helmet

Archi-Enduro 0
0   Reviews
$ 275.49
Down-O-Matic 5
1   Reviews
$ 255.99


Activist 0
0   Reviews
$ 48.49
All-Mountain 5
1   Reviews
$ 161.49
Dirt-O-Matic 0
0   Reviews
$ 31.95
Endur-O-Matic 3.33
3   Reviews
$ 146.99
SupaCross 0
0   Reviews
$ 129.95




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