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Compare-O Bottom Line: Fezzari's roll-your-own Timp Peak packs value, performance

The Fezzari Timp Peak delivers value in and performance in spades with this 150mm travel bike sporting a 1x11 drivetrain and carbon wheelset.    Read More »

Toolmaker Paul Morningstar Found Dead in Booby-Trapped California Home

‏Morningstar, whose tools like the Freehub Buddy–a tool for injecting grease in freehub bodies–and the Rim 'Rench–a tool for straightening bent rim beads, enjoy a cult-like following of professional and home mechanics alike.   Read More »

Feature: Taking the Dirt Surfing to the Water

Taking surfing lessons from Alan and Kauai Surf School was helpful for the mountain bike clinics that I teach. Next time you’re near water, check out surfing. It’s a great compliment to mountain biking!    Read More »

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First rides, unknown CL Bike. But I Have a Picture.

[ATTACH=CONFIG]804074[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]804080[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]804082[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]804081[/ATTACH] bought this of cl for $100, put about $50 into it. it looks like a spray paint job, i have no idea what kind of bike it is. the cap on the headset says haro, so i assume its a ha ... Read More »

Unknown Bike

I picked up a hybrid today for 100 bucks. Its brand name is Colorado High and model appears to be Outland. Reason I bought it is that its a 700C wheel, has an air port on the fork, Acera front der and deore rear. Brakes are just cheap vbrakes, aluminum frame, whole bike is extremely light 17 pounds ... Read More »

Unknown on a $200 Walmart fat Bike Beats tons of Pros at Sea Otter - Very cool story!

This is movie story kind of stuff. Awesome! [url=http://www.bikemag.com/news/news-fat-and-furious/]Fat Bike Slays Sea Otter Classic[/url] Beastley informed us that he’d just departed a harsh winter in his native land, the Yukon Territory. He’d hopped a series of freight trains to complete the ... Read More »

Unknown spokes

Guys I just bought a pair of used wheelset, I'll like to find out what spokes it is. Pls help me to identify the brand of the spokes.thks. [ATTACH=CONFIG]792981[/ATTACH]Read More »

Long training race, 2/3 known, 1 section unknown: 29er HT or short-travel FS?

Tomorrow is an unsanctioned local race, and I'm wondering which bike to ride. It's for fun, fitness and of course bragging rights. They keep the complete route a secret but we do know the first two parts. There are 3 parts. The first 1.5 hours is very flat and fast, super smooth. Not a lot of ele ... Read More »

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